Holidays without Mainlanders


True. After a while, the dark roots start growing out.


Yes, but that means you would have to get to know them first and who wants to be friends with idiots.


I’m assuming the method Brian was referring to would be much faster, and much more stimulating. You still probably wouldn’t want to be friends with them though.


Now that made me properly LOL.

Not that other posts in this thread didnt make me properly lol.


Dude, you’d better have a doctor look at that.


Sometimes root doesn’t mean what you think it does. Then again, sometimes it does. In that case, you can be sure that the girl isn’t a blonde…and also that she isn’t a girl.


I’m rooting for this method then!


Any idea why such descrepency in wind speeds in google search results for Green Island weather?

If I search for Green Island weather it shows 21 km/hr at 10am. But when I go to link it shows

NNE 43 mph

i.e. 69 km/hr!


Lion has offices all over Taiwan. If they say they cannot do it, it is really because they cannot do it. Mostly, I am very pleased with their services as they are on the ball.

If you go to to Taipei Main Station, there are a myriad of kiosks on the main foyer. EZTravel is also a big one, try them.

Depending on your destination, a B&B might be a better choice if hotels are all booked. Airbnb time, perhaps? There are really cool choices out there, and if you have transportation overed by the travel agency, an Airbnb place is more relaiable than a usual B&B, unless it is a long standing one. My :2cents:

If you are going to Taitung -envy you!- then definetively try to get air ticket or train ticket through agency, maybe book a tour, but a B&B will be more enjoyable and economical.


The hotel’s are not all booked. It’s their system that does not allow them to book later than four days before the trip.


Ask Lion Travel to give you the hotel name/address/contact info and book straight from the hotel. The price shouldn’t be that big of a difference via a travel agency. Tell them your situation (with Lion Travel) and maybe they’ll give you the travel agency discount, you never know!


Got that, but still, even if you choose to call and book by yourself, it might be tight. Try anyways.

There are myriads of B&Bs in Taitung:

We stayed here:

I loved their breakfast.


It looked pretty tasty till I saw the squiggles of mayo on the salad…ewww.


Tough customer.

How about more traditional fare?

I am telling you, man, those taro mantou -the purple steamed bread balls on the right- were heavenly. To this day, I haven’t found anything remotely similar/tasty in Taipei.


Is wanting mayo squiggle-free food too much to ask? I mean, it’s not even real mayo. Those congee fixins don’t look too bad though. Love the Spanish peanuts.


You are talking to a Latina. We put mayo, not ketchup, in our fries. So I want mayo. I do not mind its presence but its absence.


You mean joining the tour? I can’t possibly join any of their tours now because the system. They are not interested either so imnnot going to insist. Next time . I took some leaflets about traveling to aborigines but I’m afraid most trips with travel go to Alishan. At least that’s what they have printed for me.

I’m not going to Taidong now. I bought a ticket for tonight to Tainan and will lol for a hotel there. And from there I’ll go to some mountains or maybe I’ll just stay in the city for three days.


Gee, thanks for the mental image. Now I’m gonna have to cancel my plans for burgers and fries tonight! There should be laws against stuff like that…unless you’re like Belgian or something.


My coworkers have recommended me several times the Evergreen Laurel in Tainan.

OTOH, there is a famous foreigned owned hostel in tainan which they say it is pretty cool.

Check out the Anping area. Enjoy.


Thank you ! I’m going to enjoy myself alright.
My bf read this thread and he doesn’t want me to go to taidong without him. He is probably concerned about the area mentioned full of whitey males.