Holidays without Mainlanders


This breakfast looks really yummy! I’ll find something provisionaltonight but I want to stay at a place that serves breakfasts like this. I hate hostel breakfasts. They always have cereal, tasteless roast bread and ham with texture of toilet paper.


In Taiwan?!


That is in Dulan, dear. Taitung proper, the rice fields in Chishang, the hills by the air balloon, nope, not many. Dulan is surfer central.


Yes, in Taiwan too. I believe they believe it’s what white people want to eat.


Okay. Maybe we’ll go there. Do they organize whale watching in taidong? I wanted to gofor one in Hualian but apparently the waves were too high.


Mmm. I have always had local fare served, but then where I stay is B&B, not hostel. More like one or two rooms kind of place, breakkie served by owner.


Don’t worry, it will pass. Takes about a year.


It’s been a year already.

But at some point maybe…actually my tour in the bus was intended as a total immersion technique that failed to work out.


Been 2 n a bit years for me, and I think I’m over it, but then again I haven’t been on any tour buses, maybe it would all come rushing back if I did, he he


Back to Taiwan…I would add my two cents. CNY is probably the worst time to travel around Taiwan. And certainly a tourist should never visit during this time, unless you intend to stay in Taipei City the whole time (which is relatively deserted). Or Taichung City or Kaohsiung City.

Smarter Taiwanese (with means) go overseas during CNY.
23 plus million people travel all over the rock of Taiwan during CNY.

I always stay just in Taipei during CNY. Freakin nightmare everywhere else, outside of big cities which tend to be more empty then usual. Even in the hotsprings on YMS.


“riding a horse through flower fields experince”

What does that mean?

“And rather then try to understand why they take vacations or second guess their education”

It’s not so much second-guessing their education, it’s understanding that the Beijing commie education they got is nearly the antithesis of respect for the lives of fellow human beings.

“But it’s beyond unfair to make huge generalizations about every single person from Mainland because of that.”

Sure, not everyone who smokes will die of cigarettes. But given that most do, isn’t it entirely reasonable to avoid cigarettes?

“Asians don’t have blondes and therefore have high IQs.”

Blondes actually have higher IQs on average than non-blondes.


About the blondes jokes, funny how the study could be posted only because - “Håkansson then further narrowed her sample, asking the top scorers whether or not their hair colour was genuine. In many cases it was straight out of a bleach bottle, leading Håkansson to breathe a sigh of relief.”

Obviously PC police was quick to react “Within hours of publishing the study, however, Sweden’s academic research oversight committee, based in Gröngölingsköping, said it would subject research leader Håkansson to an investigation.”


“riding a horse through flower fields experience”

It is a very popular idiom in Chinese:

Basically, it means a very hurried tour.


Oh what racist research!

I am dark blonde and I bleach my hair lighter and this probably makes me a half-wit, right?


I’m guessing that you didn’t actually read the whole article, especially the part at the bottom that says

April Fools’ Day update

It’s midday in Sweden and custom dictates that we now reveal our chicanery, skulduggery and general tomfoolery.

As many readers no doubt have guessed, the above article has very little basis in fact.

Except there are a whole lot of blondes in Sweden, many of them unnaturally dyed (though they’d probably never tell you).

Gröngölingsköping is not a place at all, either. In fact, gröngöling is a Swedish word for rookie or newbie.

Comments have now been reactivated. A word of caution - after midday the joke’s on you.


That’s awesome. I didn’t read the Swedish article.

Here’s a link to the OSU study that shows a higher average IQ for blonde men and women than other hair colors, although brown hair men had a higher IQ than blonde haired men.

Oh what racist research!

Don’t worry, science isn’t racist. It’s just biology. IQ isn’t even only a product of race; a guy by the name of Flynn has done some compelling research demonstrating the environmental factors of IQ.

What might really surprise you is if you look at the average IQ of Taiwan versus, say, America, or Sweden. I’ll just say the number is significantly higher in general in East Asia.

It is a very popular idiom in Chinese:

Basically, it means a very hurried tour.

Nice, I thought I may have been a chengyu. Good to know the meaning now!


I believe I was joking.

Science can be racist if it’s being used as a part of ideology instead of you know… science and research.


Here at museum now. Amazingly uncrowded. Only seen a few tour groups.


Do you feel lonely?


Good! then i will finally visit because before i went, i saw the coaches and went back.