Holland's next leader?


Geert Wilders, founder and head of the Party for Freedom, parliamentary group leader in the Dutch House of Representatives, and part-time B movie Nazi (gotta love that hair…straight out of central casting!) is running neck in neck with the current prime minster as the election race enters its final days.

Apparently, Wilders is not a fan of the Religion of Peace. He’s compared the Koran to Mein Kampf, wants it banned in the Netherlands, and advocates ending all Muslim immigration into the country. Will he be the next Dutch prime minister? What would that mean for Holland, and for Europe in general?


Turkish people in Rotterdam surely helped him a lot.


He has a very interesting way of expressing his gratitude, ha. But if he’s elected to solve a problem and they are the problem, I guess it makes sense.


The problem with Europe is that it does not have the successful record of immigration that the US does. There is no Dearborn, Michigan (example of very successful Arab immigration) or Beverly Hills (example of very successful Persian integration). You have homogenous countries and lower stratum immigrants. The mixture can be toxic. But dont call people such as Wilders or Le Pen nazis or far right. It is incredibly stupid because their voter blogs are often about keeping generous social programs, lowering the retirement age or keeping it the same, and trade protectionism etc. In other words, using mainstream socialist policies to attract working class natives. Turkey though is asking for trouble and I side with the Netherlands on this one. You dont send senior politicians into another country to stir up support for your referendum while another country is going through a hard fought election. I am usually against kicking someone out or refusing them entry because it gives them more press attention than they need, but in this instance, the Netherlands were perfectly right to get rid of the Turkish cabinet minister. It is too bad Turkey is not still run by secular Kemalists and we have this thug Erdogan in power.


Yeah, the Nazi comment was more in reference to his shock of blond hair and cartoonish bad guy demeanor. I didn’t mean to imply that he’s actually a Nazi or fascist, in spite of his ethnonationalism and strong anti-Muslim immigrant stance. And what passes for “far right” in Europe is usually pretty middle of the road by American standards. There are endless arguments about whether the Nazis were far-right or far-left, but there do seem to be a lot of parallels between democratic socialism and National Socialism…nationalization of industries, price controls, rationing, punitive corporate taxes, etc. [quote=“ChewDawg, post:4, topic:158800”]
The problem with Europe is that it does not have the successful record of immigration that the US does.
That seems to be the key…the difference in social and economic mobility between Europe and America. In the U.S. you have Dearborn and the L.A. Iranians, in Europe you have the unassimilated underclasses of France, Belgium, etc. But of course, Americans are always the ones labeled racists. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how things develop in Europe over the next decade.


Not as a compliment, I presume?

Let’s not forget the Nazi party arose from the left, not the right. They were always for social programs and a command economy.

But that’s all been hashed out on a thread from a coupla years ago.


Captain Peroxide wins seats but loses election:


Love the way they phrase that. It’s as if the writer is ironically mocking the concept of spin.

So what the hell happened with Labour?


They’re being put out of work by immigrants? Gotta love those social democratic parties.


The shocking story in the election is the death of the Dutch Labour Party --the PvdA. While some on the right may be disappointed about Wilders, the centre- right held with Rutte likely being able to form a coalition with Christian or economic conservative (social liberal) parties.

But Labour…they are down to like 9 seats…let that be a warning to the UK party hahahaha.


The UK labor party, under Corbin’s ENLIGHTENED guide, is on the brink of disintegration.


What pisses me off on the Dutch election is the reporting in the liberal media. Rutte and his centre right party got the most seats. In addition, very strong performances by the centre-right pro-faith Christian Dems and the economic liberal/pro individualist D66 – both of which are centre right economically. More than enough to build a coalition. The Labour Party was decimated to just 9 seats. The far left Socialists did ok/Greens very well, but saying it was a centre-left shift? The math= 71 seats for VVD/CDA/D66 versus 28 for the Greens and Socialists (37 if you count the piss poor seats gained by Labour). Lots of fake news being put out there from the eastern establishment liberal outlets. This is not including Wilder`s 19 seats.


Speaking of extremists, the Red Green party has made disconcerting gains. Makes me think their society is held together by duct tape.


Maybe it’s the “Trudeau effect”? A certain demographic seems to lap this stuff up. This guy looks like a progressive’s wet dream.


Yeah but 19 seats with Green, 19 for hard left Socialists, and 9 for the mainstream Labour. Compared with like over 70 for Rutte`s Party, the CDA and D66. How is this a victory for the left as some outlets claim? The right won without a doubt!


I doubt any of the people who posted in this thread so far are Dutch. It clearly shows in the nonsense they posted. Can you please stop talking about things you don’t understand?


So you have to be Dutch to understand their politics?..I am an EU citizen who lives very close to the Netherlands…I likely understand their politics a hell of a lot more than you do.


Ah, I see…only the Dutch are qualified to talk about Dutch politics. Please enlighten us, authentic Dutch one.

Now you know how Americans feel when Europeans make non-stop idiotic comments about U.S. politics.


You recognize your comments to be idiotic. That’s good!
If you could now recognize comments made by Europeans to be of great value, it would be a giant leap for mankind.


Not really following the Hamlet logic here, but you’re not Dutch, so apparently you’re not allowed to contribute to this thread. :slight_smile: