Holland's next leader?


I have family in Holland.
Am I aloud to dump my shit here?
The first time we went to visit their home in Holland was when…
1974 FIFA World Cup Final
I learned that a tablecloth is called tabledress (deskkleid) or so, and that they look and feel like fluffy carpets.

ADD: My aunt served us some milk and milk graupensuppe that tasted like vomit,really. I am not joking.


If you call the Green party “extremist” , wrongly name a party S66 and listen/believe certain media calls this a victory for the left then you don’t really qualify to talk about Dutch politics. Dutch parties were historically divided between left and right (and it still shows in certain names), but that division has been let go a while already.

Most Dutch are moderate people and we talk things over till we reach agreement. This is in stark contrast to American politics, where people can’t stand each other and one party will shut down government just to block the other party instead of helping their country become better. Talking about idiotic.

Furthermore in Europe we have true democracy, with many choices. Not this sham where you can only choose between two, so you have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

The world is in turmoil and problems are many. If you think and talk in extremities you will never solve these problems. Hard to believe if think problems can be resolved with guns.


Of please…D66, S66, who gives a rats ass. The point is that the right won if you include Rutte`s party, the CDA and the D66! Do you deny that or not? Cuz the liberal media is portraying this as a leftist victory…horseshit


I advice you against dumping your shit here.:laughing:

But other than that I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you sure you didn’t go to Germany? (“kleid” … “graupensuppe”???)


Time to take some math lessons buddy! With Wilders, Rutte, the CDA and D66 all doing well, is Green gains and PS retaining the same seats really the big story…socialist press horse shit.


And there, my dear ChewDawg, you are wrong: D66 is considered “left” although on certain subject they are definitely “right”.

And if you care so little about correctly naming something you are talking about then you definitely lost my respect. It’s not worth talking to you any further.


That was 1974, the tablecloth that look like
https://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NTc2WDEwMjQ=/z/uqMAAOSw44BYmhP7/$_9.JPG but much thicker.

The milk soup, you don’t know?
Then it was what it tasted like.


On economics they are right wing…which I said from the beginning. If you criticize my letter typo, your reading should not be so lazy…pretty hypocritical!

Your rationale is idiotic. With all the acronyms you are going to criticize a foreigner who gets them wrong without responding to the substance of the comments…that is really lazy dude! The fact is the right won…Go and cry and sing the internationale and smoke a Che cigarette hahahah


Are you sure it wasn’t oatmeal? Or semolina gruel? We have many of those kinds of desserts, but I guess we better discuss that in another thread :wink:


Like I said…but don’t worry, we’re used to it. But your views on the Dutch election are certainly welcome. Which party did you vote for (if you voted)? What do you think of Captain Peroxide? Do any of his views make sense to you? Or do you think he’s a loon? Is he one of those moderate people you could talk things over with and reach an agreement?


Try this: count the number of threads on this Taiwan-centric site with “America(n)”, “Trump” or alt-right buzzwords like “butthurt” in the title. Then count the number of threads with “Holland”, “Netherlands”, “Wilders”, “van Gogh” or “coffee shop with a ‘c’” in the title. Ask yourself who knows more about whose politics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most of the Dutch people I’ve met have indeed been quite sharp and knowledgeable, but unfortunately their knowledge of U.S. politics usually comes from what they read in the mainstream media, which doesn’t exactly give you a clear view of what’s going on (apparently you’re susceptible too if you think “butthurt” is an “alt-right buzzword”).

I’m eager to hear DutchDuke’s views on the Dutch political scene, but so far he seems more interested in insulting the other posters.


I was teasing, of course. The only place where it really seems to be a buzzword is Rowlandia. :wink:


When people say this about themselves, it’s best not to take them at their word.

The poll results give the impression that left and right are rising, and the center (or is it merely a middle?) is eroding.

Full disclosure: I’ve never been to Holland, but I’ve lived on Earth among humans all my life. And I’ve traveled enough to know in just what ways people are the same everywhere.

And I’m all for relevant data from someone in a position to know. But what’s fluffy tablecloths got to do with anything?


Are you sure you lived among humans? Two legs, two arms, then fingers and toes, two eyes, two ears, a nose in the middle of the face, two genders wait three, no four genders actually five wait six , anyhow many pronouns.

Do you know that most people in Holland speak at least two languages?
Many people there speak three or four languages.
Therefore, Holland is not the same provincial shithole like the flyover country in the US where populists like you have an easy game.

So knock it off, and stay where you belong, in Russia, or USA?


Just read a couple of sentences and let’s close this topic?
It is allllllll over now. Let’s wait and see what in the next years will happen.
But why this Wilders has got the attention in the Netherlands only has to do with frustration among the population. Right or wrong, I will and can not judge. But you need enough information to be able to judge.

Just my 2 cents and let’s enjoy Formosa :slight_smile:

By the way, America is this village in Limburg isn’t it?


Which two sentences made you think it’s time to close this thread?

A pro separatist rightwing populist opened this thread, cause he got excited about another bunch of deplorable voting for this fluffy tablecloth.

Sorry I was referring to the wrong person. But hey, they are all the same
He claims to know it all, has seen it all, people are everywhere the same.
I have been many places and lived there for several years.

Every place has
Happy smart people
happy stupid people
frustrated smart people
frustrated stupid people

When the frustration among the stupid people reaches a certain threshold, they start to vote for a fluffy tablecloth.


First two sentences.


I think you’re getting a little confused, Hamlet. I am none of these things. It would be nice if you could keep the discussion civil.


I already reedited my comment and said that I confused the persons
Sorry about that.