Holocaust survey in the US

11% really think the holocaust was caused by jews…

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That’s just depressing…


a) The rise of the internet facilitating easier spreading of conspiracy theories?

b) as a subsection of a), are people becoming stupider due to technology?

c) Failures of education?

Bloody hell. Apparently, those guys who strolled through machine-gun fire across the beaches of Normandy died for nothing.


I’m surprised we haven’t had a Holocaust denier posting here yet. I’d bet there are a couple on the flob. I’d place a bet that I can guess who they are, too.


I’m not exactly surprised that young Americans don’t know the holocaust from a hologram. Even those with uni degrees.

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I feel like a lot of these kiddos are just trolling, honestly.

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Mad Masala. I don’t think he denied it, but that it was largely overblown or something like that.

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Dawud (sp?) was kind of one. I think he believed it happened, but thought it was greatly exaggerated. I don’t want to tag him as he’s gone and I’d rather not have his anti-Semitic ass return.

Yes, him too. That was disappointing as I’d liked him before. But that soured me on him a bit.


Almost two-thirds of young American adults do not know that 6 million Jews were killed during the [Holocaust]

I’d been following the Middle East closely the past three years. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be able to give you a number.

and more than one in 10 believe Jews caused the [Holocaust]

Do they believe Jews were the perpetrators (as opposed to victims), or do they think Jews brought it on themselves?

According to the study of millennial and Gen Z adults aged between 18 and 39, almost half (48%) could not name a single concentration camp


or ghetto established during the second world war.


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Despite how bad education may be in the USA, i really cant believe this on its face. especially given the states showed up late to the ww2 party and took all the credit, shouldnt this be a bragging. point? The only nukes dropped in war? Nothing? I call BS.

If actually true (doubtfull) then the CCP must feel a bit silly wasting trillions of dollars and countless energy brainwashing its populace when tv and the internet has accomplished nearly the exact same level of sheepism.

Said it before will say it again. Is this what it was like prior to Egyptian empire collapsing?

I don’t consider myself that smart. But I guess I must be or something because it seems like most other people are that dumb whenever I read the news.

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Haven’t darkened a uni doorway since 2000, but I get the feeling that Israel isn’t exactly popular among non-STEM uni lecturer types. In talking to a few of these lecturers, I’ve noticed that often a careful distinction is not made between the religion and its post-Holocaust militant side, especially zionism in Israel.

So no experience in the past two decades, but afraid I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that young Americans aren’t exposed to a fair and balanced treatment of Palestine Israel while at university, and that knowledge about Western ahem attitudes toward Jews the past couple millennia has suffered as a result.

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Back in the 1970s and 1980s in the U.S., when most people had only the 3 network (VHF) channels and a half dozen or so UHF channels, World War II movies (whether B/W or in color) would be broadcast at least on the weekends if not a Sunday night movie of the week.
Nowadays most WW2 stuff is relegated to the History Channel or one of those “oldies” TV network (like Turner), and so viewes have to go out of their way to want to watch a movie that might possibly involve the Holocaust in the script, which would mean a WW2 movie that includes Normandy landing and later battles.
I recall watching The Big Red One with Lee Marvin on network TV as a kid and distinctly remembering the part when they came upon the concentration camps. A big image/impact.

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With the rise and acceptance of anti-semitism in America’s left, this is unsurprising.


I personally don’t care that younger generations are forgetting, and feel that, for those who remember, most of the gravity surrounding the Holocaust is feigned rather than earnest, people not wanting to look like they don’t care, but not giving two fucks deep down. Time will make everybody care less, deal with it.

I suspect this is true, and very human of us as well.

The mass slaughter of other humans that accompanied low firepower warfare in the thousands of years prior to the application of gunpowder tells me it’s a misunderstood feature of humans, in some wild pagan way we do not acknowledge or even fully understand, not a bug. We’ve come so far despite that, after all.

An extremely ugly yet archetypical example of humans working in the aggregate is organized, mass slaughter of other human beings. It’s just a part of who we are as creatures, as mammals.

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This is the emotional aspect. I’m more concerned with people not being aware of major historical events. It’s an issue for me that education is somehow failing in this regard. Do people not know about WW1, D-Day, the Vietnam War? It’s pretty sad if most of a generation have no clue about the past.

What do they know about if they don’t even know about the Holocaust? The Kardashians?


This is something I’m not sure I understand. Is it sad because it is an expression of the evanescence of the material world, the projection of the fact that everything we cherish will someday disappear and be forgotten? Or is there something else?

Personally I moved from country to country on so many occasions, left friends, lovers and places I loved so many times, that I’m just used to letting go. Everything is bound to be forgotten, what matters is what you feel here and now.

You must be a yoga instructor.

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