Holy Cow! Christians praying before Golden Calf

The other day, a group of Christians gathered in Lower Manhattan to pray for God to take control of the economy. Guess what part of Lower Manhattan? The famous golden bull!

Praying for money before a golden calf…strikes me as somewhat…uh…idolatrous to me.

notes-from-offcenter.com/2008/10 … lden-calf/

Yes. I didn’t read that article, but had read about the Christian movement on wall st. Seemed that no one recognized the irony. I’m Christian and we’re supposed to pray–but our ritches are supposed to be laid up in Heaven. God is supposed to be our provider. I suppose they’re thinking of everyone hurting because of the economy, but obviously they’ve shifted their focus and not realized it. It’s not like God needs a healthy wall st. That photo in the article you linked to is straight out of an illustrated Bible I used to have when I was a kid. Amazing that no one saw that.

Incredible irony. How low will some people go?