Holy Import Duty Batman, iherb order with 39% payment required

I just ordered some supplements and protein powder for the first time on iHerb to TW and just got some bill shock.

My total order was about $3700 (including $500 for DHL shipping)–then today I woke up to a DHL email asking for $1450 in import fees!

There was about $1000 ish in discounts on my total order but I wouldn’t expect that to be included in the duty calculations.

I’ve seen elsewhere on Forumosa people saying rates of up to 35% but even this exceeds that. I tried calculating it a few different ways and came up with 29%, 33% and 39%–but nothing seems to quite match.

Anyway, I’m just griping, as I mainly used iHerb just to save on protein powder as it’s pretty expensive here locally.

Any advice for iherb ordering in the future? (Besides going in under $2000–but even that, does it include shipping?)

Thanks all!

Do you get it why duty is expensive? To have people people buy locally.

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yea, I’m more wondering why it’s so high at 39% and if anyone has suggestions for reducing it in the future.

Fruit, jam, sugar used to be 45%.

They sell protein powder at Costco, also Dollars if you have that where you are. Probably RT Mart too.

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

So people go to costco haha

It will probably depend specifically whats in the box. Health related stuff seems a target these years.

Certain ingredients might also be the reason. tax man os a cruel beast, but the rule is you pay tax on what you paid, not anything else. Shipping is the grey area, if the packages shows shipping cost you can argue to deduct it. Probably depends how moody the person is sitting behind the counter.

Thanks, I’ll be sure to try that lol

I thought free shipping was over 1000? My tw friend said make your order always between 1000-2000
From what i remember, we go in together on orders as i only need a small amounts ,she orders and we always get free shipping and no tax…

Loopwhole maybe

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What is dollars? A store? Im interested in learning about different shopping options
Thanks for information

They have one or two stores down south, owned by President actually (7-11).

I think this was just rookie mistake. You probably did not read though the ‘fine print’ / shipping info page at the bottom of the website. It clearly says that shipping fee will be included in the customs calculation. It also mentions “rewards” being calculated as well but I think that is if you use ‘Rewards Credit’ to reduce the price.

You should have just used the free shipping option that might take a few days longer. However, even then, you still ‘probably’ would get hit with duty. You really need to stay under NT2000. Once you go over, the duty is for the entire order. They don’t exempt the first NT2000 and only calculate on the balance value.

You can make multiple shipments of under NT2000 for free shipping and free duty but I remember that if you make too many within a 3 or 6 month period after that they will start charging you.

Supplements will have a higher duty compared to food items. I just use Costco for most stuff these days but I do iherb about 3 times a year and always under NT 2000 and never had an issue.

copied and pasted from iHERB.

Customs Information

Orders over USD $65.00 (NTD 2,000) may be subject to D&T.

Rewards will be included in the Customs tax and duty calculation along with the shipping fee.

Placing multiple orders within a short period of time can cause customs clearance and order release delays.

For information about customs, import duties, etc., visit: Customs Administration

Taiwan Customs may require you to submit additional documentation for the custom clearance, including without limitation: Copy of Identification Card and Power of Attorney. Failure to provide required documentation may result in customs clearance delay or rejection.

According to the recent policy of the Taiwan Customs Administration, it is mandatory for consignee to go through real-name authentication. Otherwise, shipment will be held in Customs.


The free shipping is hella fast( maybe held at a korean hub)

For some reason I could only choose DHL…which was weird as I was following iherb’s advice to get free shipping haha. Ah well, lesson learned.

on iHerb? I could only choose DHL, the others were blanked out for some reason

Im sorry like i said i didnt punch the order but i have ordered (With a tw friends help )5-10 times.

I hope you can work out the issues , they have some great items at a fair price.

Define fair :wink: the farmers might not agree…

Yes support your local farmers !! dont buy your vegetables online !!

Too heavy? There is a weight limit on some couriers.

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