Holy S*** I have HD sports! In English!

Thanks. I asked my wife, but she says I need to handle it by myself. I’ll give them a call.

Call Jim 0930750441 and tell him what sports you need… he got me everything I wanted

By the way I was paying 87 pounds a month back in the UK for the whole sky sports movies and general package.[/quote]

Thank you, let me move to my new place then i give him a call. Is he in Taipei?

Satans Assassin, how did you do that? I’ve got Jim’s SS package and wouldn’t mind attempting to get the cricket streaming.

Amos give me a call and I can get you the equipment to do that.

I am in Japan in Nagano resting at www.phoenixhotel.jp Back Wednesday unfortunately

Snows in

I really enjoyed live NFL games this past weekend on that ASN HD sports channel. There’s been a smattering of NHL games too. I’ve got the CenterIce package for that anyway, but still, woo hoo! :bouncy:

sucked in Jim, that place looks truly disgusting. I’ll be glad to meet you back in TP when you return.