Home Daycare Center Opening

My wife has decided to open a small daycare center in our home. She has over three years’ experience working at such an establishment in a Chinese community in California. She has received American Red Cross child CPR training, but her certification is now expired. She will either go for more training here in Taiwan or wait until Chinese New Year for training again in the United States.

Here are some miscellaneous additional details:

  1. Starting in September
  2. Age group: 18 months to 3 years
  3. For the first (possibly many) months, she will accept only two children. So with our daughter, that makes a total of three children. She will hire help before accepting more children.
  4. Tuition is NT$15,000 per month. This includes lunch and at least two snacks. All meals and snacks will be nutritional. Imported bottled water only.
  5. It will be a Chinese-based program with some (limited) teaching of English words.
  6. My wife is most concerned with providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment.
  7. Area: Nangang (apartment complex right next to the park)
  8. I’m thinking about setting up a webcam in the playroom so you can see what your child is up to from work or your home.

If interested or would like to know more, please contact He Lau Shr at (please talk to her in Chinese):

The web cam is a great idea but is it possible for unauthorized people to view it. I don’t know why but I would feel weird about other people watching my daughter on camera.
is there a sign up fee and can you go month to month or is there a contract.

Great idea! Good luck on finding your first two children.

You could always password protect the webcam right?

As far as the webcam is concerned, I was thinking about using this well-known service:

And yes, the system provides user accounts that are access-controlled (by requiring passwords). I know when my wife and I were talking about child care for our daughter (before we decided to go this route), we had serious concerns for our daughter’s safety at the local establishments. I know a webcam won’t solve the problem (of parents worrying), but I think it will be very comforting for parents to be able to pop in whenever they please and see that their child is fine.