Home network problems

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

I installed a wireless service at home with my DSL service. The wireless box has 4 jacks for LAN and WAN service.

Now, I connected my pc to the first jack. No problems, worked like a charm.

But then I set up the mobile pc to connect, it wouldn’t connect… Error given was ‘waiting for IPconfig’… Dunno.

Anyway, I managed to connect another way, and then I got an error on my first system, saying IP Error.

Diagnosis: both pcs were trying to use the same Ip number, ie. I think it was ..*.3.

So I changed the cable on the back of the box to the next jack, hey presto both worked.

Now, I know both pcs were fighing over the IP number. But I don’t know why… and I don’t know how to solve it.

My box said it had DHCP enabled… (but I’m not too clear on this…)

Can anyone clarify what I didn’t do / did wrong with this?

Thanks a bunch.



I need more information:

  1. When you connect your PC to the first jack, are you plugging it into the WAN or LAN jack?

  2. When you move the jack over to a new jack, are you going from LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN… or WAN to LAN or whatever…

  3. Do you have a router and a DSL modem? Are they separate or are they built into the same box. Who’s the manufacturer?

  4. Was the IP number they were fighting over a WAN IP or a LAN IP? You’ll know it’s a LAN IP if it starts off like, 192.168.x.x.

Without knowing more specifics, it’s difficult to say what the problem is. Just a shot in the dark but… it’s possible that your mobile pc was set up with a static IP address, yet the DHCP server is trying to assign the same number to your other computer. Look under your TCP/IP properties and make sure that the option “Obtain an IP address Automatically” is checked for both computers.

When DHCP is enabled, it will automatically assign an IP address to your computer. But it won’t be able to assign it if your computer doesn’t know that it should obtain one from the DHCP server.