Home of Guinness faces axe


Bottom of the barrel: St James’s Gate brewery, which opened in 1759 and was once the biggest brewery in the world, may be closed.

Home of Guinness faces axe

Wow 3 billion for the current factory site in Dublin.
You know how many factories could be built in China for that price?
Seems like a smart move if they moved their entire operation to China.

They’re supposed to be moving to a green field site just outside Dublin city. The old brewerys had a long history, and shows it, it’s not really practical to try to bring it up to modern spec. With the cost of development land in Dublin at the moment it makes sense to sell up and start afresh.

build the new one and make beer. keep the old one and make a high-end microbrewery type of beer and museum and tourist trap extraordinary.

Beer brewed by accountants. Lovely.

Why not move Trinity out to Naas, and turn the Ulster Bank across the road into a theme bar? Then we could turn St. Stephen’s Green into an open air karaoke restaurant and build a big shopping centr… oh. They’ve already done that.

Give it 20 years and Dublin, London, Dubai, and Shanghai will all look much of a muchness. Guinness will be forty pounds a pint.