Home office, can or cannot?


Hello, I am looking to start up a business in Taiwan.

For the first six months at least least I do not need an extravagant office. Preferably a hot desk in a shared office, or I could even work from home. Other than those that live in five room condos, is working from home a big no-no in Taiwan (ie will get you in trouble with the authorities or the landlord), and if the answer to that is yes, can someone give me an indication of how much a hot desk - or rather a desk I can rent in an office - would cost. I'll be based in or around Taipei City.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give advice.

Office lease, personal or registered company?

Can, no problem. I have an ARC and work out of my home. Labor Affairs has come by my home-office to verify that indeed my business is legit. If you have other questions, pls put them in a PM.


I think it depends, afaik you can't do it unless the property is a registered business address, or that you own the property, at least that's what I've been told, but if there's a way around this, then please let us know, as I'm in a similar situation.


I'd like to know as well. We bought our house in a residential area (no shop or restaurant), but I wonder if I can still register it as a business address (for office use only).