Home quarantine details

Our daughter lives in Hsinchu and we would like to do our 14 day quarantine at her apartment. What are the requirements for her apartment to be seen as acceptable for home quarantine? Does she need to have it certified or ??

Where will your daughter stay while you are in quarantine at her apartment?

She has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, each is on it’s own level/floor. We would stay in the highest level. She would also be there.

Separate living spaces are fine. I have a 3 bedroom 2 bath with 2 floors and my husband quarantined at home. They only asked my husband who would provide food, trash service and checked in by SMS everyday.

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Thank you. Did you have to have it inspected or approved before he arrived?

No inspection required. I do think they tell people in the neighborhood or I was just paranoid.
I hear others had visits from police but we did not. My husband was also very careful to make sure his phone was on.
He got a call at the beginning to make sure he understood the rules and a call at the end to confirm he was well. The rest of the time was SMS.
I was listed as the person caring for him so I guess they didn’t bother us because he had everything managed.
Everyone’s experience seems to be different somewhat.

Hi. Quick question, for those who have done home quarantine and live in a gated community, how did security guards know you were supposed to be in Quarantine? Did the government call them? Did the taxi driver notify them? Or are they completely oblivious?

This. You tell them yourself.

The government/police will definitely not be telling them…major violation of the Communicable Disease Control Act.

However, if the guards see you walking by with a suitcase they might figure it out.

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This sounds like the correct answer.
And personally I wouldn’t tell the guards or anyone as you will then have a ton of ignorant residents of the place complaining that they are somehow at risk and that they want you gone potentially putting your landlord at risk of blowback.

Personally I’d just tell nosy neighbors that I moved from an adjacent city.

That would be fine if you don’t need help with grocery/food deliveries (Someone has to deliver stuff to your door as you cannot step out of your residence), and garbage pickup (You cannot mix your garbage with non-quarantiners’), etc. Also, what happens when the 里幹事 delivers your government care package? You will either have to ask them not to send the package, or send it somewhere else. I’d choose to let the guards know.

Are they still sending care packages? I quarantined at an expensive hotel in Taipei and never got one, still bummed about it.

I quarantined at a hotel in Kaohsiung until mid-December, and I got one. The contents were not that impressive: a couple government notices, a bottle of bleach, a bar soap, a few packs of hot cereal, 14 masks, and a thermometer card.

Uber Eats/Food Panda/Momo deliveries are extremely common in my building. Always tying up the damn elevator. A slight increase in volume is not going to be noticed.

garbage pickup (You cannot mix your garbage with non-quarantiners’), etc

Lol. OK.

I’ve done the quarantine process twice. Never any in-person visits.

A few questions if you know. Is it allowed for uber eats to drop the food outside the door and can a person peek out into the hallway to get said food? Obviously I assume you wouldn’t be allowed to answer the door.

Second how is the garbage collection then? Can you just keep it and toss it all out in 14 days? Or the government comes everyday to get it?

Thank you.

Yeah. They tried to put me into quarantine because I use my suitcase to carry heavy things like computers across town. His answer for the 8 hours I was gone? Well it’s possible that you could have left the country for a few hours.

Guy’s bloody doin nothin but eating chips all day.

It depends on the policies of the gated communities/buildings - some have policies that disallow food delivery persons to enter, and all deliveries must be collected at the gate/front desk. In which case, you are at the mercy of the guards. Some guards might be willing to deliver the food to your door if you have good relationships with them, otherwise it would be best to find alternative arrangements.

You can specify that option when you order with Uber Eats, and you are of course allowed to open the door and get the said food after the delivery person is gone. But see my point above – not all gated communities/buildings allow food delivery persons to enter, especially the ones that need a chip/card to operate the elevator.

You are supposed to contact the Environmental Protection Bureau of your city to arrange pickup. It won’t be every day. You are lucky if they come more than once.

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I’ve been talking my laundry to the laundry place by suitcase for years now.

It’s easy!

The point being everyone in the building is used to seeing me with a suitcase.

Gotta go above and beyond to calm the fear of the crowd.