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I just moved into a new apartment in HsinYi District. The bedroom windows all face Keelung Road, where the cars seemingly never stop (even though the rest of the city does). I can put up with the traffic noise (so I thought as I signed the lease), and there are double pane windows, but I’d like to make it quieter.

My first thought is to get some of this 3M sound insulating tape that I saw at B&Q, and wrap it all around the windows.

I think an even better idea would be to just get window plug like this one: soundaway.com/Soundproofing_ … /15005.htm – basically a big thick slab of foam that I can plug into the window at night, and block both sound and the morning sun.

Any idea where I can find a place that sells this stuff and could cut it for me? Also, if I want something more complicated, anybody know a home improvement contractor type place that has some expertise in reducing traffic noise?

Proper double-glazing would help, but AFAIK it is unavailable in Taiwan, and I have looked. The best I have been able to find is 10mm armour-plated glass, but it’s rather expensive.

Related to the sound deadening…

I have been looking for some egg crate foam for sound deadening a home theatre/video game room… anyone ever see this sort of thing in Taiwan?

Yes, they sell it in rolls on a street that sells a lot of plastic stuff. It’s near Tianshui St… Now what was that street called? :ponder:

all kinds of acoustic foam (like the on in your picture) can be got from Ba De Rd. on the section past tun hwa as you head east on the right hand side of the road (probably just before guangfu n. rd.). Forget what section its on, but if you scout along the right side, you’ll find at least 2 or 3 shops who sell the stuff. I’ve bought it from there myself.

Thank you thank you… great directions also…

I will swing by there later in the week

I appreciate your help!


Lord Lucan,

Pardon my ignorance, is what you are looking for two layers of glass with some stuff in the middle? We have that in our house in the “mountains”, it blocks out all sounds from outside and couldn’t have been too expensive or husband wouldn’t have bought it (we have three ranch slider units and other large windows). If you think that might be what you are looking for, I will ask for supplier information for you.