Homemade scones

I am fully aware of the carbs, but did buy four crappy scones in the RT Mart a bit earlier and finished them in one go. Now l feel unwell…


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Never use to much baking powder give nasty aftertaste.
I use baking powder and half again of baking soda.
Don’t over nead the dough, cut scones and put them in the fridge 10 minutes while oven pre heats, cold in to hot oven only way it works in Taiwan summer time.

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Easy done :joy: shop ones even premium ones in U.K. do that, and have to much baking soda in.

I successfully make scone, pizza base, pita breads and Nan bread here in a small oven.
I do think of opening a pattiserie in Taipei but only limited westerner would use it.

Not to Taiwan taste, I couldn’t change it from way I think is right.

Need to import flour, Taiwan flour is high gluten, baguette go elastic and chewy if not eaten straight away.

If you want a stall, i know of a breakfast shop owner. Could have some items on sale there for a percentage. Very low risk way to start out and test product.


Looks HUGE , taste was ok or dry?

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Enough butter always taste good and no dryness.

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what’s the cost? Where can I buy? Getting close to 4PM, which is “tea time”, perfect for a cuppa with a buttery scone…

Sorry all gone, Been donated to friendly business office accountant and her friend and friend of a friend it seems, quite popular you know, well did try a couple make sure ok :wink:

Next week I can maybe supply for afternoon tea :pray:

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Wow that’s a good idea

New batch: coming on sale soon!
Cooked using Taiwan Sampo basic home oven.


Still for sale somewhere?

LondonSpice, aka David seems to have dropped off planet Forumosa around April last year - anyone have any insight?