Homer (Simpson) Haiku

Dare we? Things the Master could have said but probably didn’t because he hasn’t gotten around to it yet?

Are we mice? Am I the only one here with an Inner Homer yearning to be free?

As Homer (and Tainan Cowboy) would undoubtedly opine in a situation like this, only a swine would cast his pearls first!

Arguably more cryptic than the other Simpsons thread. But I think I get it, spook!

Umpph missing because
It’s animated ya damn*
Frickin’ idiots

That said, I like Miyazaki’s work to the nearly complete exclusion of that of Matt Groenig. I mean, pick your time well spent in this world and all that.

I sure hope his first name is Matt. And last is Groenig, sheesh, let’s us not forget that.

*–Adjective “damn” added in order to ward off those ‘silly’ rejoinders of the ‘you idiiot,’ ‘you idiot haiku writer,’ ’ can you count?,’ and especially those ‘you hypocrite idiot haiku writer - you can’t even count!’ variety, which I for one find the most insomniac.