Homeschooling fair to be held this Sunday (Feb7) - Taipei

For those of you thinking about homeschooling your children, or looking for different classes/teaching methods/materials in Taiwan, you might be interested in attending the homeschooling fair being held this Sunday afternoon.

Presentations will be held in both Chinese and English. For more information, visit my blog:

Oh MAN! I have to work. What a fucking BUMMER. :frowning:

Yours is too young for it now. Go 2 years later.

I am going and really looking forward to it. MY plan so far is to enroll the kids in public school up until grade three and then homeschool. My husband is about 70% convinced this is the way to go and I’m hoping that the Chinese information he will receive at the fair will reassure him.

Piwackit, could we get an update? How did it go–lots of good new info?

Some things I found really interesting. Even, if you choose to homeschool you still belong to your local school district and need to pay tuition fees to the school. The good part being, if you decide that you still want your child to attend some classes at the school then they have the right.

Our plan is to send them to school for grade 1 and 2 then homeschool from then on. This, we hope, would give them a good foundation in Chinese. Afterwards we would send them to school for Chinese class and maybe some extra curricular activities.

Looks like a nice support group of local, mixed and foreign families. They have google groups you can join and several websites including