Homeschooling in Taichung

Does anyone know anything about home schooling their children in Taichung?
I want to home school my children but am not sure how to begin.

Here ya go: [Home schooling?

Anyone is interested in Home schooling their Children in Taichung!
I am setting up a fully accredited American home schooling class in Bei Twen, (North District) Taichung for my own children and other multi cultural children who need both an American and a Chinese education. This course allows for half day Chinese school and half day American school, both fully accredited.
Starts in July and we are going to have a meetings the last two Saturdays in June at Uncle Jimmy’s Restaurant.
For more info call me:

i’m curious… where are you getting your materials from???

2 months ago, you had no idea about home schooling… and now you’re setting up a ‘fully accredited’ class?

… and if it’s a class… then it’s not HOME schooling is it?

don’t get me wrong, i can fully understand not wanting to put your child into a taiwanese school… but it’s very important that they go to school to learn social skills… and i’m not even sure what your class IS…