Has anyone ever done a homestay for a long period of time? I have been here for about a month staying with a Taiwanese family and they always have dinner at home and whenver I bring up the fact that I’m not going out to dinner, I feel that it is an object of contention.

Of course after I tell them I’m not coming home for dinner, they mumble something in Chinese and don’t say it to my face and I never really quite understand, but I sincerely feel like I can understand some undertone of anger, annoyance, or whatever.

I don’t want to make them upset at the same time that I just would like to go out to dinner sometimes.

Any advice?

Maybe you should invite them to come with you once in a while. :wink:

Maybe it’s because that they don’t want you to see it as a hotel?

Try to talk to them about what you think - maybe you don’t get used to the food or anything. They might understand a bit better. I assume if they have a child at your age who wants to go out for dinner sometimes, they would moan as well.