Honduras Migrants on their way


Lamestrean media whipping up hysteria about invasion 8 days before an election.

nope it’s just the orangeman and his Twitter accounts again.

RT has him addressing these migrants directly…One imagines him standing at his inauguration in front of seven thousand people.

Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border,” Trump tweeted on Monday, before addressing the migrants directly: “ Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”


Thank the Almighty we the people voted in President Trump. If the democrats were in power they’d be many very long unhygienic caravans other than one very long unhygienic one. Invasion USA is being thwarted by President Trump despite the massive amount of rich leftists and farming cartels supporting it.



@Dr_Milker their mayor is not the only one to be based!


Got to look out for those farming cartels. They pack big wheelbarrows and aren’t afraid to use them !


I’ve always liked Tijuana.


Well there is an injunction now which gives hope to these people in their journey. Trump’s decree bounced off…temporarily.

Wonder how the ones going through formal asylum request channels will be met:


Yup I was being sarcastic which went over your head. However, south American farming cartels are actually very powerful as coffee and coca farming is huge money BJ


I honestly don’t understand those who want to open the border for them saying Europeans came in boat caravans. Are they trying to make the case against opening the border for them or for it? Because the natives were wiped out. Isn’t that the same point people against the caravan is saying?


I think we should be more concerned with the “Caravans” in Malaysia…it’s an invasion of Mad German Chefs, Italian Girls, Korean/Taiwanese men…:joy:


They should honestly let me run the country. It would be a much better place.


You mean transnational fruit companies and international drug cartels.


Most of the farming there is controlled by drug cartels and yes I agree trans national fruit companies “banana cartels”. Then of course pesticide companies that use Round Up and such on the coca fields which causes the local coca farmers to cut into the rain forest for that extra cover and fantastically lush rain forest soil.


They could probably let Barney the Dinosaur run the country and it would be a better place.


But do you understnad all profits go North? The land is owned by the company, the ships, the roads, the lives of workers. They rule above the law, they are the law.

Same withh cartels. The cartles buy guns from the North, export their product to the north to get guns to make more *drug of choice, and the ones who are making the biggest profits are the ones selling intermediaries. Not the retail street gangs, nor the producer gangs.


yeah most of the huge amounts of the money goes up to Mexico or the United States. Still coca growing allows poor farmers to live better than growing other crops. Lots of wealth lots of suffering all from the properties of one plant and the magic of chemistry.


Define better. Most are slaves picking the stuff. And as with all crops, they cannot control what they are paid…if paid at all.

Most of the time doing these crops is not a choice at all, not to say their choice.


Plus it makes all those countries even more unstable due to the associated corruption and violence.

Was reading about Paraguay and how Brazilian drug cartels are further destabilising that country


I disagree that most are slaves. Most are poor peasant farmers and coca and opium sells higher than potatoes etc. I’m not saying that there are not slaves but most are not and it doesn’t help cartels to alienate the local population. They are better off by winning hearts and minds and they succeed at it very well. That’s how the smartly run operations go anyway.


Eh fear goes a long way.

For exmaple, now that the “peace accords” have been signed in Colombia, the hard core gangs moved into the Darien. It was already a bad place, now it is even worse.

Now that you mention opium,. that is a whole different enchilada. Opium is why parts of Afganistan and Pakistan are still in the grip of those medieval retrogrades. They need that ideology to keep the slaves that make them sich enough to buy more and more weapons to keep more and more slaves.


My understanding is that Colombia’s days as the cocaine exporter are over. It’s all been moved to Mexico where it’s closer to the demand. Gangs in Colombia have taken up sex trafficking and prostitution these days.

Buddy of mine said places in Colombia like medelin are super safe for tourists now. As the government has done a lot to clean up the streets and gangs know not to cause problems because the money is at sex tourism. The locals are still of course suffering but as a tourist it’s frowned upon by the gangs to mess with them or even cause any problems.