Honduras Migrants on their way


Yep. Safer than most Latin America. Great shopping, great for visiting and business. Corruption is still pretty fierce, and poverty, like most of Latin America, but better than most, indeed.




America will not let them enter and word is that many are heading back home

Most were mislead into thinking the US will simply open its doors like Germany

Not happening


A lot are staying in Mexico, as they have set up a work scheme. Visa and working position plus same language, very advantageous.


As if Mexico doesn’t already have enough poor people. Those jobs should be going to Mexicans.


same argument can be used in teh States and yet no one is scrambling to pick lettuce for minimum wage. There is always room for immigrant workers in labor intensive industries that no one else wants to work in.


The poor in the U.S. aren’t that poor, but the poor in Mexico are.

Are there really no Mexicans willing to work in those positions? I doubt it. This sounds more like a political decision.




Elections are too far away and let´s say common people do not have much say in it.

Political as to get brownie points with USA? Maybe. But more like they are on teh uprise and need people to push buttons/pick nopales. Nothing more, nothing less.


One wishes they were all legal.

Again, in places where minimum wage is not even 14 bucks an hour, yet bosses offer ahalf of that, and people take it, one wonders if those industries should be functioning at all.


If minimum wage were 14 bucks an hour, a lot of poor people wouldn’t have any job at all.


I remember seeing a map of minimum wage in teh US and that was the required minimum as living wage to pay the kind of rents they ask for per state. Which explains why so many people are homeless, live in trailers or their cars.


So you’re saying no dollars an hour is better than seven dollars an hour?


Just for amusement value, I checked rental prices in North Dakota (no particular reason). You can get a perfectly nice apartment for less than $500 a month, ie., one-third of $1270/month. I’m assuming taxes are pretty low for someone earning minimum wage ($7.25/hr). That leaves you $100 a week for food, $50 a week for travel, and $100 a month for incidentals. Not exactly the best life in the world, but you’d get by.

EDIT: nope, looks like the gubmint still takes $200/month off you, which shifts you over that line from “doing OK” to “dirt poor”. Interesting. Maybe it actually does make more sense to earn $0.


Depends if you could get healthcare as well I think. One bill could leave you with a massive debt.


Lovely, especially since 80% of the tax bill at that income level is supposedly for social security and medicare. If you owned your own house, apparently they’d take a full 38% of your income in tax. Can’t have the plebs owning real property. That sort of thing just ain’t right.

Glad I don’t live in the socialist republic of ND, I reckon.


For the employer, of course.


But certainly working poor are better than non-working poor?


One hopes so. But it is like the people who are on government assistance: they can´t get out. As soon as they cros the threshold and get a job, tehy lose the assistance… and then they cannot afford housing and food at the same time. hence, once they are in the systme, they cannot get out of it. US citizens I mean.


Sure they can. Life is about choices, after all.