Honduras Migrants on their way


Well, if the choice is to starve, then yes. The pointy is they cannot live on a low salary and they cannot have assistnce like reduced taxes or even day care on government dime. So many kids going hungry because they cannot pay food at school.

And yes, it was a choice to be poor, to get sick, to study something that does not pay well, to get in debt to pay for medical attention after an accident. Choices are not just about becoming a drug addict or coming down with PTSD after a tour of duty.


Nah. There is always a way to get out of poverty in the US. If you’ve made poor choices in the past it’s more difficult, and may take longer, but there is always a way.

Night school, govt help, family help (if kids), etc. What people tend not to do is consistently and significantly sacrifice today’s comfort in order to make tomorrow better.

Always a way, often very difficult.


Simple: you can’t afford to raise kids? Don’t have them.


Why do people call them a migrant caravan when they are in fact refugees?


My theory is that the myth of the American nobly trapped in poverty is a corollary to the noble savage.

I think it makes some people feel better about themselves to imagine some group of poor, huddled American masses who the man has trapped into a life of misery. It may not be easy, it may require great sacrifice (sacrifice that alienates you from the rest of society and even your friends), but most of the rails in the US are greased to allow a path out of poverty - and often a path to wealth.


If they’re refugees then it behooves them to go through legal channels exclusively. Bum rushing the border won’t help them find refuge in the US.

Joining a caravan may be a safer trip to the border, but joining this caravan probably won’t improve your chances of gaining refuge in the US.


They’re not refugees, but if you want to publish an article “orange man bad”, calling them “refugees” causes more indignation.

If you travel 2000+kms and go through 2 countries that offer you refugee status but you refuse it because you want to join the US welfare system, you’re not a refugee, you’re a migrant, and the way you cross the border makes you either a legal or illegal migrant.


If by welfare system you mean jail and becoming separated from their kids, then maybe yes.

these people go to work. Their families need money. They cannot wait months for social assitance. They do not want it nor need it. They want to work. That is a bare minimum they do not have in their own countries.

Mexico is not offering shelter nor refugee status. Which 2 countries do you refer to? Guatemala didn´t. In Mexico, they are offering jobs. No other country is doing that in their way and this is the firts time they get thjis offer in mexico, which normally just ignores them.

It is called a caravan for the sheer amount of people.


ACNUR is just starting to get involved. The trickle up North has become a tidal wave pushed by the ongoing war in Honduras, teh maras in El Salvador, drought and hunger in Guatemala, civil strife in Nicaragua, poverty in Costa Rica, starvation in Venezuela…


They do have the ability to ask for refugee status at the border check points. But too bad people decided to try and overwhelm the system to try to all get in. The lines and wait will be long through legal means not and not guaranteed.

But i feel like the people returning home are probably not refugees.


Why don’t they go to Belize? Sounds safer than their home countries and closer than the US who has made it clear that they are not wanted.


Mexico isn’t offering refugee status yet. Guatemala hasn’t yet. The US isn’t offering them refugee status yet.

Why do they head up North where (or so the thinking goes from Mexico south all the way down South America to Cape Horn) the running imperialist dogs in charge there will gut their souls and place its foot on their necks? Why don’t they make a stand in a nation that already speaks Spanish?


Because we have been making a stand since «the encounter of two worlds» and it only brings a bloodbath.

Example: current exodus from Honduras is caused by a US backed coup d’etat because the elected president was turning socialist. Hence, he was ousted to prevent Honduras becoming Venezuela…ooops.

Guatemala is an Evangelical caliphate where to this day the indigenous population us seen as sons of Satan and hence isolated, looked down and scheduled for execution. El Salvador is an ultra conservative mess with huge amounts of money of dubious origin in banks, and last I heard a CIA agent was taken down stepping off the taxi from the airport. Nicaragua, Nicaraguita, students tried to get rid of the dictatorship and they were arrested, the small owner factories burned…And keep on burning.


if you imagine stans dad as the rational one it pretty much explains everything


Yea, god forbid native Americans (one of one three cultures in on the planet to independently develop writing) should want to be in America (fuck yea)

All these native Americans should em go back to their own c o u n t r y?

Disclaimer: Tump (German draft dodger and his solvenican missues) are not migrants. I repeat not migrants. Humans did not originate in Africa by the way. Also thanks giving.


Exactly keep these people out! Look after true Americans first.


I’ve known people from Honduras. They had nothing good to say about the place.

Central America is a rough neighborhood. It’s all shitholes except maybe Costa Rica.