Honduras Migrants on their way


Interesting. I’ve read that since El Chapo was apprehended, Mexico has devolved into a nightmarish Cartel war that his leadership essentially snuffed out. There’s the proof.


Quote, Soros considers Trump to be a “narcissist” who “considers himself to be all-powerful”.
Seems like he’s looking in the mirror, no?


I knew and been around many illegals back in Texas. Although pretty much all of them are good people that car for work, you have to control your boarders. If you justify letting one in, its only fair everyone can just come.




Yep I never liked having roommates either.


Not sure what will happen to the people in “the caravan” once it reaches the southern border, nothing bad I hope.

An unintended consequence would seem to be a spike in Trump’s approval rating. He’s above 45% and approaching 50% now. If that trend holds then the GOP just may hold its Congressional advantages in both Houses two weeks from today.

Divided Democrats struggle to answer Trump’s claims on migrant caravan

Yet one Democratic strategist noted Monday that the party does not have a consensus position on immigration enforcement to succinctly counter Trump’s “build a wall” mantra.The strategist pointed to a Pelosi interview last week as an example of the far from potent message: The leader said the party’s immigration platform if it wins the House would focus on providing legal status to younger immigrants, known as “Dreamers,” who entered the country illegally as children.

“How is that responsive to the moment we’re in?” said the strategist, who works on immigration issues and spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly about party strategy. “The notion we shouldn’t be talking about the central issue this president has talked about for three years is crazy.”


I still find building an actual wall a bit silly and unrealistic. Boarders are important and needs to be secure of a country to insure the safety of the citizens. I can tell you coming from Texas it’s not just good hearted hard working immigrants coming across the boarder.

The dems have no answers for the boarder issue and immigration. Only criticising trump, and some of this policies that are just continued from previous administration. If they have an answer Id like to hear it.


I don’t see that happening. 8(

Of course I’d prefer to have both house and senate to the gop so that Trump could remove the two mandates limit and Kav could reintroduce slavery*, but that’s really too optimistic.

*= according to regressives this is what could…no, WILL happen


Democrats are divided on immigration policy. More than half of them agree that controlling border security is important, but the coastal elites are for open borders. Sanctuary cities are all in Democrat strongholds on East and West coasts and away from the southern border. The push to disband ICE comes from the coastal elites, especially their Hollywood supporters.

This is obviously a division in the Democrats that Trump will try to exploit for the next couple weeks.


GOP should still lose the House, based on history.

But the Democrats have ventilated their feet continuously since July, with no relief in sight. Kavanaugh, Warren, now the caravan. Getting harder and harder to hide the ineptness.

Some pundits seem to believe that if Trump’s approval rating reaches 45% prior to election day then the GOP holds the House. He’s there now. Not sure I buy it, though.


Well, the caravan thing is definitely not helping the dems. Some photographers are taking close up shots that only include women and kids, but any wide photo shows thousands of adult men. Not a pleasant image, and no amount of “they just want to work” will change that.

In before “I know a guy” : in current year Germany, 75% of “refugees” are still unemployed and live off tax payers money. Google is your friend.


I don’t want anything bad to happen to the migrants or anyone for that matter. It’s still not fair to others who are working towards entering legally. I wonder what would happen to me if I tried to run across the border into Canada or Mexico? I wouldn’t make it 10 feet before being tagged. Even here in Taiwan, they’d deport me in a heartbeat which is why I was diligent about every process.
It puzzles me that the news is talking about the US when really we ought to be talking about the countries they are coming from and trying to address the situations there so that we can do something peaceful to let them stay home.


Why would anyone want able bodied single men who are unwilling to make their own country better into their countries?


Trump is talking about cutting aid to those countries. Not sure how that’s going to help.


You’ve never seen a threat work? Well, I guess they didn’t work for Obama…I mean coming from someone who means business.


Didnt you emigrate as well ?
You and probably all of us come from relatively stable backgrounds, not from a warzone or broken countries. It makes sense for these people to look to move to a safer and more prosperous place any way they can
. They don’t have the money to do it legally.
They aren’t in a position to fix the problems themselves. At the same time a country has a right to defend and control it’s borders. But everything is interconnected, just like the EU can’t easily deal with the number of economic and war refugees trying to come in. It’s going to take smarter solutions. Some kind of generous trade and education deals with those countries might work well to give them local economic opportunities as well as stricter border enforcement. . I don’t believe they have a high population growth rate in central America either.


There’s a big difference from a child going legally and a grown adult abandoning their country.


So less money or the same aid as usual will change the situation?
Explain the logic please.


Your parents sent you overseas for a better life. These kids parents, in many cases its the same thing but they don’t have the money or background to do it legally
Getting all moralistic about things doesn’t mean anything. These are just logical choices made my individuals.


The logic is very simple. You threaten to take away their money, and the Honduran government actually takes steps to deal with the problem.