Honduras Migrants on their way


At least in Central America, when they try to stand up to the opression and corruption, peoople are shot down. people see what is happening in Nicaragua and just shrug, people see what happens in Vneezuela and make memes out of it.

Do not give foreign aid. Just do not support the regimes with weapons and helicopters and training. That will be enough help.


then after a few years:“the CIA ruined our country, send aid, you racist bigots”.


Other side of that trade is don’t run to Russia or China for help, then. If you’re going to refuse US arms and US technology then make them yourselves.

Latin America is still bleeding heavily from the support it lent communism last century.





If the first thing you do on entering a country is willfully disregard the law, that’s a bad sign.


Those were the budget helicopter tours, right? They saved on weight by not packing you a parachute when they chucked you off in mid-flight.


You mean after the US help replace whatever government with they end up supporting another worse regime to make things worse?

Other countries seems have figured things out from brutal regimes. Taiwan being one of them. At a certain point, they got to get together and figure it out.


I agree. It’s also at the root of Trump’s appeal in 2016 and a huge reason why the US is so divided now.

There are lots of other ways we damage the rule of law, too, but this is the one that rose to the top in 2016. Immigration reform is sorely needed asap.


and his helicopter rides were free! a true humanitarian.


I may have mentioned elsewhere (only partly in jest) that the US should just open its borders to every single citizen of [insert name of failed state here], with a simple screening test to eliminate the workshy, the retarded, the criminally insane, lawyers, and politicians.

That would leave roughly 20% of the existing population behind to run the place into the ground, while everyone else can get a job picking apples in Wisconsin, or whatever they do in the US. Six months later, the US can march into [insert name of failed state here] with 50 marines and an emergency shipment of arepas, and add another State to the Union. Ta-da: mission accomplished, with 1% of the budget of all those failed CIA shenanigans.


Fixed that for ya.


I understand that. But at some point in every single country I can think of. Even in Taiwan. A generation of people had enough and decided to make the sacrifices and flip that way of ruling around. We are not helping them with aid as you said. And we aren’t helping them by letting them just abandon their country. If they are willing to make the trek and die to the US, why aren’t they willing to make the same sacrifice on their own land?


I have a theory about this. It’s because they look around them, and see what a bunch of cnuts their compatriots are, and think: why the hell should I take risks and die for you scumbags? I’m outta here.

They’re not exactly escaping their country. They’re escaping their neighbours.


The chance of dying is a lot less in going to the US and the expected return is much higher and more reliable.


Not sure why you would joke about that . What’s funny about killing people.
Maybe you’d think it was funny if you were fucked off a tall building ?


at what timeline is society allowed to joke about killings?
fifty years after they happen?
100 years?
Medieval times?
Roman Empire?
Dawn of creation?


There’s this thing called gallows humor…you may have heard of it?


If we’re talking about communists, I’d say after 2 seconds.

And I’m kind enough to rank them as “people”, which is a stretch.


It’s just being a cunt for the sake of it.

As I said why not take a running jump off a building if you think it’s that funny killing people by dropping them from helicopters .


Thanks for moralizing me, I’m a changed person now.