Honduras Migrants on their way


How’s your kid ? Taking a helicopter ride soon ?


Mocking killers is an age-old form of dealing with the problem of evil. You might have heard of, say, Life of Brian? South Park did a whole bunch of stuff on Saddam Hussein.

During WW2 there was no shortage of this sort of humour. It helps.


I dont think they are mocking the killers. Hiding behind a keyboard glorifying people being dropped from helicopters. It’s pretty cuntish behaviour .


I think you may have missed the point somewhat.


I don’t think I missed any point. They don’t like the politics of those people so support killing them by dropping them out of helicopters. Not sure what’s funny about that.




Hope you grow up by the time you have a child.


I thought we were past the part of the conversation where you act as a moral authority and I make fun of you because I don’t care!


Please. I’m still queasy from the earthquake. And I gotta find a whistle.

(j/k, now and then. Sorry if the joke offended you.)


I think if you are going to make statement like this be a man about it, don’t hide behind a keyboard…Say it to people’s faces.

Really, they died for their convictions, you just hide behind a keyboard.


and that’s a good thing!

if those communists died, how am I supposed to tell it to their face? It doesn’t make any sense.


Nah say it to their family.


They didn’t get a free ride? Damn, I expected those tours to be more inclusive. Now I’m a bit disappointed.


Can we all calm down, save me the trouble of cropping this thread?


What’s celebrating dropping people out of helicopters got to do with migrants from central America ?

Don’t hide behind a keyboard saying cuntish things and not expect some pushback.


There’s always a bit more to it than that. Allende was a fucking idiot who was hell-bent on turning the country into a shithole …and he got his wish. Pinochet was exactly the sort of person you expect to seize power when someone like Allende is playing the socialist version of Monopoly.

South America looks like it does because both sides have got it wrong: the endless conflict between the far-right and the far-left is what keeps the place mired in violence. Caught in the middle are people who just want to have a boring life and don’t give a shit about political theories.


They are central American migrants.


So, we can joke about Mao’s Long March, but not this Mexican peninsula stroll? Just want to know what parameters we got here.


Except for Chile, which learned from the excesses on both sides and is now the cleanest, safest, most prosperous country in the region.


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