Hong Bao for Honkies

The “wish list” may sound a little cras - but most larger department stores in OZ and UK have a special department for them. So people can go and chose something and avoid the poor couple ending up with 20 toasters.

And it nice to give something that is asked for a little transparently.

I guess the custom in OZ is to give a gift of $A60 to $A150 value.

I went to a wedding in UK - people were invited to give one part (plate cup etc) of this dinning set - total value UKP13,000. And the cutlery set was about the same!! How I enjoy the simplicity of these things here.

Anyway - Bri - Your solution sounds good.

The “wish lists” are called “bridal registries” in the U.S., and are almost universal these days. I think most people (excluding best friends or immediate family) spend $50 - $150 on a present.

I wouldn’t try to hit up any friends coming over for a wedding with the extra expense of a hong bao. Best bet is for you to put a good acceptable amount of cash in a hongbao yourself, and give it to them before the wedding, explaining the custom.

They don’t lose face, and you don’t lose friends (or money as you get it back).