Hong kong airport

i have a 2 hour stop over in hong kong on my way home to sfo. having never been to the hong kong airport, i was wondering if they have lockers or something i can throw my carry on luggage into. i hear there is great shopping and i don’t want to lug two bags around.

Q: Dear Sir/Madam, I was wondering if you could tell me whether the Hong Kong airport has facilities to store luggage, and what the price per day is?

A: There is a left luggage counter in the arrival hall (on level 5, near the McDonalds). They are open from 6.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. It is unfortunately a little bit expensive: 40HK

Erm… wouldn’t the arrivals hall and hotels be on the other side of customs ? How about a trolley ? it’s only carry-on luggage anyway, and you can keep a better eye on it.

The HK Airport is outside of the city and is quite far. I don’t know how much shopping you can do in 2 hours.

Good shopping - do you mean at HK airport or in HK itself?

My experience of HK airport is that the stuff they trundle out as duty free is considerably more expensive than anything from downtown and more expensive than Taiwan.

If you were planning to hit the city I dare say 2 hours would be bloody tight. Nice lounges if you can get into them though.


-> Isn’t carry on baggage limited to one bag?

As soon as you get off the plane you can get a free baggage cart to put your bags on. You can use that while you putter around the duty free shops in the HK airport transit area. There are shops spread out all over but they tend to be expensive since they must pay extremely high rents to the airport authority. If you find that stuff is too expensive then you can at least spend some time browsing books at the bookstores.

Actually, it is probably best if you spend the 2 hour transit time walking around as much as you can. It is a long slog from HK to SFO and there is not too much room to walk around once you get on the plane.

[quote=“bushibanned later”]so here I am, back in san francisco for the first time since i moved to Taiwan almost two years ago.

So you are now back in the states. How was the stopover at the HK airport? Did you find any lockers in the transit area? Would you recommend people buying Duty Free things there?

I spent 9 hours in HK airport waiting for my Chinese visa to be processed recently - bloody boring and didn’t want to go into HK itself. The luggage storage service was HK$50 (I had to get out of the transit area as they didn’t want to check me in all the way to Shanghai from Taipei). You can easily spend 2 hours in the transit area - the lounges are good too. Just get a diners club card and you are set for an OK one.

I’ve got an 11 hour stopover! Overnight!!

What’s a diners club card?

Any other suggestions?

well… plenty of HKG night-life if you’re up for it.

If not, then presume you’ll have your onward boarding card, so just transit from Arrivals into Departures, which has seating for sleeping. Either single seat recliners (comfy) or a do-it-yourself lie across 3 seats jobbie (less comfy). Think some of the former are near the Kids Playground (Gates 23/25). If it were me I’d take an inflatable Thermarest and a thin blanket, use my carry-on bag as a pillow, and find a quiet spot.

Have a foot (2 feet) massage … takes about 40 min., then have a bite and a drink … go for a shower (paid) … surf some internet, brows some books, ask stupid questions at the electronic stores … time 's up, board and fly on.

foot massage 30min 320HKD (1,180TWD)
5 hour lounge package 500HKD (1,843.57 TWD)

bit pricey?

Ever been to a casino? 320NT$/hour is a bargain …

the prices are in HKD!
the lounge for 5 hours works out at 368NT/hour…
cheaper than a hotel

[quote=“trubadour”]the prices are in HKD!
the lounge for 5 hours works out at 368NT/hour…
cheaper than a hotel[/quote]

Sorry, my bad guess … fell 48NT$/hour short …

haha - ok. I haven’t the slightest trust in my conversion math so never tried, so would never know you had tried and so would never know you’d just rounded it wrong.
Anyway, I think I am being a bit of a wet blanket about this one - I should just kip in the best FREE chair I can find!

Do yourself a favour and get the hell out of the airport. There is a reasonably priced hotel smack bang on a nice beach just a 20 minute taxi ride (HK$120 one way) away in Mui Wo, which is on Lantau island (the same island as the airport). resort.com.hk/

If that’s too expenasive, try the Mui Wo Inn, or any of the number of guest houses on offer in Mui Wo.
tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review … _Kong.html