Hong Kong Citizens Move to Taiwan in Waves After Political Upsets


It’s just pointless. The young Chinese students use of the NHI will be minimal, especially compared to the amount of money this students bring to the economy

The DPP are toothless is cross strait issues and choose to go other these pathetic victories over the defenseless.


Question: how is the situation for Taiwanese working and studying in the other side of the Strait?

The only propblem I see with the Mainland students is that anything that makes them easier to settle in Taiwan becomes a security issue.


Wasn’t it always like that? I don’t think either the KMT or the DpP would likely change it.


They had the same rights as other foreign students or had to pay the same price. Then there was a political push to only charge Mainland Students full price.


Mainland students are not allowed to work in Taiwan after graduation (most likely not that interested either, since salaries and career opportunities are better in China). Taiwan students in China are welcome to live and work there.


Ok, but how about insurance payments? That is my question. Reciprocity and all that jazz could be argued in favor.


This is not the case. I think we tend to think of China in only major cities. Yeah probably not many Beijingers or Shanghainese kids would probably choose Taiwan. But there are plenty of 2nd and 3rd tier cities where Taiwan is like heaven to them. Most people forget most of China is pretty 3rd world. When I was in Wuhan, 2nd tier city, many college kids were really interested in coming to Taiwan and asked me to send my father resumes because they can intern in Taiwan.

And salaries are imo better in Taiwan for locals. Local Chinese make so little. And the job market is even worst unless you graduated from 1st tier colleges which you’re competing with millions of others for.


““After I fulfill the one-year stay in Taiwan, I will become a resident and enjoy the medical services there,” he said.”


But how easy is it for someone with a rural hukou to enter Taiwan, compared to someone with a high tier urban hukou?


With the possible exception of health services that just isnt true about most of China though. And its changing very very fast too. My wifes hometown in rural Hunan used to be 8 hours to an airport on winding roads with chickens running across them and rice drying on the road. Now five years later the new motorway chock full of brand new four by fours goes right to the town, and its 20 minutes to a new airport. and 2 hours to a new highspeed rail station. And im not making that up. Average Salary in the provincial capital is 35,000 NT on numbeo.


I am still not so sure about the numbers and how wealthy these people are. I mean, taiwan is teh enxt in line to fall under teh grip of the Big Panda, so why buy here when in a few years you will need to flee again? You could settle here as a stepping stone to greener pastures in Europe or Canada, if you do not have the money or do not dare to go there directly becaus eof “culrural differences”, but not many Hong Kongnese think that way nor are so hard up. They may come here if they have family already. Hence, I’d like to know more aboyt the profile of the people coming here, as I believe ther eis more than just “we dislike the CCP”. You cannot escape CCP here either.

I mean, we have a cousin who literally swam from Quangzhou to Hong Kong back in the day. he’s got a proper business and property and all in HK. He’s got an uncle here in Taiwan, has visited before, but is not interested in moving here. He moves back and forth China and HK. In his heart, he does not love the CCP and all its stands for but like many others, just keeps a low profile and makes money and hopes no one comes for him someday. Bceause that is teh problem with corrupt regimes: anyone who has a beef with you can pull your existence apart.


They come to Taiwan because they do not qualify for immigration schemes in Canada or Europe. Read the Citibank and HSBC reports or at least read the summary of the reports I posted. Those Hong Kong people settling in Taiwan are retirees, hence they are not what Canada or Europe wants. For instance, Canada asks for high-skilled foreigners with vocational certificates or PhDs in STEM subjects in their late 20s/ early 30s. Hong Kong grannies do not make the cut, but these parasitic Ferengis found an easy way into Taiwan and now milk the NHI.

You have quite a collectivist mindset. Do you also believe that Latinos settling in Taiwan will lead to the establishment of drug cartels? I sincerely hope you encounter enough people with collectivist mindsets and suffer from their prejudice to realize how incredibly stupid it is to consider the average Mainland Chinese a security risk for Taiwan. How many Mainland wives married to Taiwanese do you know? How many students do you know? Probably none, or at least none involved in espionage - yet you come here and make these racist statements.


Eh, it is not that they are all spies, but rather, they are at the mercy of spies/controllers. I think I have read enough of those special students they send to “oversee” the behavior of others. Most students are busy stufdying, just as most use the Interwebs to shop and surf porn, but teh security isue comes from how they can be manipulated and controlled by others who literally have the power to do so, invested by the CCP.

I know a few Mainland wives and they do still watch out who hears what they say.


Are we talking death spiral here?


I think thats happening with the NHI and the ageing population anyway. But leaving retirees in to basically cut the que is hardly going to help.

I also think seeing that kind of migration as political is missing the point. If hongkongers are fleeing anything its probably the super expensive price of property.


Why is it racist? Why is considering allowing PRC nationals just to come here as they please not a possible security risk. The PRC literally threatens Taiwan like every other week. I would consider it a reasonable to consider the possible security risks of it.


Taiwanese are allowed to travel and work with full freedom in China, and judging by your posts your own family benifits from that. bit of a contradiction going on there. You had a big long thread about moving to shanghai. but the otherway is a no no. sheesh


I just remembered one issue regarding something that I would like to see here in Taiwan and that people say no because they have the fear it would be as Hinhai says: retirees that contribute not to teh economy but reap the benefits.

I have argued in favor of letting foreign retirees here like we do in the ol country, allowing them to use NHI but charging them say an initial premium or something else as collateral, or any other scheme that allows them to live here but also brings some income to Taiwan’s institutions - and balances the act between real estate and services.

However, the problem we face now is that because there is the Chinese clause, the foreigners cannot live here no matter how loaded they are. Instead of charging them, say, 1200 ntd monthly for NHI, we get freeloaders that get free services becaus eof their age and ethnicity. So this is not good business.

Regarding real estate, that is a bit more difficult to control. We already have a bubble going on, too many people waiting for the Chinese Mainlanders to buy their crumbling mosquito halls for a gazillion zillion. We cannot limit foreign retirees to certain areas, as that was one of the lessons learned from te failed Japanese retirees scheme. We could offer the same deal as with local retirees, the government lends you money to live but when you die your house is ours. There are otehr ways to go around this, I am sure we can figure one out.

What I am trying to say is that isntead of high revenue custoemrs in teh form of opening up to foreign retirees, Taiwan is getting shorted by people who have not paid enough into teh system, but that is Taiwan’s own doing for not fixing that loophole of racial requisites for “citizen benefits”.

So I am partially agreeing with hsinhai if the issue is as he describes.


I’m just saying how is it racist? And why would Taiwan not consider allowing PRC nationals to come and work a security risk? Everyone country considers people from another country a security risk, especially countries that have known to make threats to them. You think it’s racist if the US considers having Iranians come over a security risk?

Just because the PRC made their decision on how they want to treat ROC nationals we are not abliged to match. I would probably think the PRC sees allowing ROC nationals to come, and actually I think it’s also easy to defect with benefits a good Thing for their agenda. That does not mean I think it needs to be a bilateral decision.


Taiwanese, including our dear Andrew0409, are so scared of that evil PRC that they apply for a Taibaozheng, invest substantial amounts of money in Mainland China, live there, and work there. Wow, that PRC must be one tough evil enemy!

Charging 1,200 NT$ is not enough to make it work. Letting old people from outside Taiwan joining the NHI is a terrible idea altogether. 1,200 NT$ a month comes to a yearly total contribution of 14,000 NT$. How much do you does a broken pelvis, one year of diabetes treatment or even two weeks of dialisis cost? Not even to mention cancer? Old people will always take out more in benefits than they contribute in monthly premiums. Any socialized health insurance system relies on the young and healthy to pay for the old.