Hong Kong Citizens Move to Taiwan in Waves After Political Upsets


Look, you complain that HK come here and freeload because they are ethnic Chinese. Since there is no chance in hell they will change that, I propose another source of income. Moreover, it is better since there is even a lesser chance of getting young inmigrants to Taiwan from anywhere. Especially Mainlanders who have better options abroad. The ones we attract…as we say in Spanish, that rice has bugs in it. Like a Huawei phone.

As always, my experience is different. Out of an office of young workers, 3 out of 20 with various cancers, 1 dead. Unless government workers are really prone to cancer. Of my neighbors, most elderly veterans, they rely on their especial status…but still hold private insurance.

Well and my experience is still 99 percent women losing their kids. I only know two professional women who kept them. But let us not stray.

As to NHI expenditure, cancer treatment is the most expensive. All Taiwanese I know have some kind of extra medical insurance and as with bank advice, I tend to listen to their experience. So what numbers tell of how many Taiwanese have cancer insurance?


What I complain about is that Hong Kong people generally oppose One County Two Systems to varying degrees, yet make use of a an extension of One China to leech on Taiwan’s public health insurance. Not even to mention the effects on the real estate market.

The question I therefore raise is whether Taiwan(ese) should continue the cozy approach to Hong Kong and its people, which is arguably fueled by sympathy in light of Beijing’s policy towards the territory, or move towards realism and recognize these colonial ass-licking Ferengi for what they are: elderly parasitic undesirable immigrants with no benefit to Taiwanese social well-being.


HK people oppose the same as Taiwan people: the use of ethnicity/cultural commonalities to justify a dictatorship and leaves them unprotected and defenseless against corruption.

I do not think Taiwan accepts One China, unless you mean China on the other side.

The ROC constitution holds to the idea of certain territories and people’s belonging to it and bestows the citizenship on blood basis. Hence, the problem we have now.

Therefore the HK people are in no way abusing the system any more than transient so called ROC citizens living in US or Canada or elsewhere and coming here for medical treatment, again,without paying.

We cannot blame HK for a portal opened here.


Who decided the regulations on immigrants from Hong Kong and Macau is taiwan. As far as HK and Macau people are legally immigrating, obeying those regulations, whom you should blame are people who set the laws.


Another big loophole is as Icon mentioned the hoardes of overseas Taiwanese that come back every year to take care of all their medical issues and the ones that come back when they get old to retire and leech off the nhi benefits that they didn’t pay into



Maybe not so crazy?

Even though he was a roc citizen, it doesn’t seem so far fetch that the CCP would indeed spy on Taiwan.


I dont think a case of an ROC citizen spying on the ROC illustrates the point. I don’t think the spying is far fetched at all. But labeling ordinary people going about their lives as potential spies based on their nationality is not fair.


Not labeling. Considering the consequences of letting people from a nation that has stated they will take the country with military action as a possible security risks is reasonable. I don’t understand why that’s so unreasonable. Every country considers foreign nationals as possible security risks. Some nations more than others.

And many PRC nationals don’t have ordinary opinions of Taiwan and China. Most of them will fanatically defend the idea that Taiwan is part of China and believes in reunification. A lot of them will get quite upset if you say otherwise and refuse the idea of unification. Am I wrong here? Am I wrong to say that a huge majority of PRC nationals will hold up that Taiwan is part of the PRC and agree with the CCPs decision to take the island by force?

Most countries would consider people that believe their government is actually the rightful sovereign government of your country and suppport military action to retake it as radicals. But somehow in Taiwan we just have to take it. And consider them ordinary.


That is labeling right there. If you treat people as Voldemort that is what you get. To be honest I find Chinese people to be pretty reasonable and surprisingly open minded on these kinds of discussions. But I didn’t speak to all 1.3 billion of them, just the inlaws :slight_smile:


I personally have not besides a minority few. Most PRC nationals are not open to the idea of Taiwan being a independent nation and not wanting reunification. And this is just the average citizen. I’ve talked to people who are CCP party members, they are extremely fanatical and will get angry if you even bring it up.


I had this discussion in Hunan a couple of months ago. One uncle in law was talking about an invasion because: ‘they want independence’.他们要独立I pointed out that the ROC is already an independent country, has never been a part of the PRC, and that China has better things to be doing besides invading China. I wanted the discussion to continue but everyone else piped up in agreement with what I had said and that one uncle got embarrassed and changed the topic.


no. just no.


tl;dr ordinary PRC citizens are a potential threat, but for the most part not because they have malicious intent


That video seems to be about the US. But by its own logic US citizens would be a spying threat in other countries. Quick reminder there about which countries have a history of large intelligence organisations and secretly getting involved in other countries business. oh definetly not the US…


The video also mentions Australia, but do you really think anyone is safe from the PRC? Taiwan probably has more full/part time china spies per capita than any other country due to the sensitivity of the region.

Pretty sure word would get out quick if the CIA was routinely requesting average citizens spy on their behalf.


Is anyone safe from the US, UK and Russia? Those are the ones with a more solid track record in spying and taking down governments starting wars for money etc


Those are professional spies and not the topic at hand. I can only think of the PRC when it comes down to these kinds of soft-power/part-time spy policies.


You have got to be kidding


When we say Spy we aren’t necessarily saying James Bond type spy’s or CIA movie spy’s. Most intelligent agencies spy by using normal people and using them as assets after they are in the country. It happens to ROC citizens as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if some top officials in Taiwan or people in position of power like people who know about Taiwan’s agricultural department, energy department have been approached or are in the CCPs pockets reporting things to them.

I would be personally very uncomfortable letting anyone who is or was part of the CCP (I’m not talking about CCP supporters but actual members that are let in through their communist ideology vetting) into Taiwan as working residents.


Temporary security measure for political Politbureau Meeting in Beijing…