Hong Kong Citizens Moving to Taiwan

Should Taiwan expect a mass influx of Hong Kongers in the coming years as China tightens its grip on Hong Kong?

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A record number (10800) of Hong Kong residents have relocated to Taiwan in 2020, following China’s crackdown, nearly double the amount who relocated the prior year.

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That’s honestly a lot.

I know someone who’s like extremely rich in HK who moved to Taiwan last year (though one of his parents is Taiwanese so I’m not sure if he qualifies as an immigrant). If even someone as rich as him (like literally a billionaire) did that I can see many not-so-rich people do the same.

I also heard of one, I’m a bit concerned that they will drive up the cost of stuff even more, especially scenic areas.
Actually 10k isn’t a lot it’s just that they are loaded and already too many rich people here.

Hopefully some regular folks are migrating as well, it’s gets pretty boring with 99.9% permanent residents being just Taiwanese …

I’m looking for some good Hong Kong restaurants to pop-up.

I’ve heard some HK seriously consider living in south of Taiwan because the weather is more similar unlike Taipei where it rains ~189 days per year and cold in winter.

10k each year is quite a lot when the population is just 7 million, and HK is a very wealthy territory. It’s not like it’s Syria.

They like to buy houses and looking at farms and stuff that they can’t get in HK, makes sense obviously. Unfortunately houses and farmland in the countryside and scenic spots are already too expensive for what you get.

There’s loads of them all over Taiwan , and some are run by HKers that have been coming over for many years already .

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What are they going to do in TW? The job market is quite good right not but the salaries stagnant.

The billionaire I was referring to is a lawyer.

Will this lead to more authentic Canto eateries? Hope so!


Lifestyle biz…retire.