Hong Kong Disney

Has anyone been there?
I’ll be going to HK in about a week, and I’m wondering if it’s worth checking out.
I’m interested in knowing about the rides, prices, atmosphere and overall experience.
Please keep the responses relevent, I don’t care about dog-killing or shark fins.

It’s crap. Oh okay, it’s fine for five year old girls, any older than that and it’s a total waste of time.

It’s expensive - HK$350 (from memory) per person . . . I can’t even recall if kids got a discount. Must’ve . . . for two adults and a kid it was close to HK$1,000.

Rides are mostly crao, there is Magic mountain, which is alright. There is also a riverboat ride, which is alright.

Food is crap, souvenirs are outrageously expensive and it’s half-empty. They trled tio woo the HK folk the other day with a whopping HK$50 discount for showing your resident card, didn;t work.

Got to Ocean park or nip over to that vast array of parks in Guangdong - Window of the worlfd, happy Vallye, etc.

My advice, give it a miss until they’ve finished it. They are planning more additions to the current set up.