Hong Kong Independence Movement

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[quote]Support Hong Kong Independence!

I am a Hong Kongese citizen and I support the independence of Hong Kong from China. As you know, Hong Kong has suffered greatly as a Chinese colony known as the

I am not opposed to the idea of an independent HK…I think they would do very well for themselves. However, an independent HK is a pipe dream. China would have to be willing to just let them go for no apparent reason. It would like my boss just deciding to give me a raise for no reason. It just aint gonna happen.

I have to laugh every time I hear someone talk of an independence movement for HK. (Not a criticism leveled at you.) It is a noble idea…but one that has no chance of going anywhere.

Indeed. I say, don’t rock the boat.

I love Hong Kong. I would love to see HK be independent. But I have better hopes for China to reform and become a government that most people would like than for HK to gain independence.

Any independence movement in HK is more likely to result in martial law and a abridgement of HK rights and priveleges than to gain anything for HK. The time for that passed within the first couple years of PRC control.

We will not know if we do not try; after all some Chinese said the same about the Taiwan independence movement.

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