Hong Kong on the cheap?

I will be in Hong Kong for three days at the end of July and is desperately looking for “budget” accommodation. I’ve heard that there are “cheap” accommodation establishments on Lamma Island. Can anybody elaborate? Suggestions about “budget” places in HK itself, or Kowloon, or the islands? I’m trying to not spend more than US$30 a night.

If really are after budget then try Chungking Mansions at the bottom end of Nathan Road in Kowloon. It is roughly opposite the Kowloon Hotel, under a gigantic Qingdao advert that has been there for a few years.

Chungking Mansions is full of cheap guesthouses where you can get your own tiny room for around HK$150 (maybe even HK$100 if you bargain and pay a few days in advance). Their prices are similar, but they vary a bit in quality, so check out a couple before deciding.

Slightly further up Nathan Road (just a block away I think) is Mirador Mansions, which is more of the same. Probably better quality and value for money on average.

It isn’t exactly the Ritz, but it is a pretty good deal considering the location. Good and cheap food in the surrounding streets too.

See the [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/dirt-cheap-hostels-in-hong-kong/8904/1 Cheap Hostels in Hong Kong" thread[/url].

Get a single private room at Wang Fat. It’s in Causeway Bay, right next to SOGO and MRT and the people there are friendly enough and it’s about $25 a night 190 HKD for a single private (shared bathroom) . 260HKD or $34 for a completely private room with own bathroom.

It is a bit more expensive than some of the dirt cheap hostels in HK but you don’t get the horror stories. Mr. Sam runs a pretty good establishment. I would definitely recommend you check reviews online for this and any other hostels you are considering. My friend and I stayed at Wang Fat and it was fine, actually turned out to be much better than expected.

Lamma Island may be cheap, I don’t know, but the last ferry is at 12am and first one around 4 or 5am. Ferry also takes about 1/2 hour AND you have to trek all the way to the ferry piers to take it plus the specific waiting times to get onboard, which can get very tiring. It’s not a very convenient area–you should make sure the area is convenient in case you get tired or want to drop stuff off.

If you stay in a dormitory it will only cost HK$60. Places vary in quality and price. There are always touts hanging around and it is often worth going with them as they can show you places that you wouldn’t find on your own. It is worthwhile checking out a few places before deciding where to stay.

Get a package from one of the websites like ezfly.com or something. I go 2 nights hotel, plane ticket, and airport express round trip for 11,600. I will never be hosteling it again if I can get a similiar deal.