Hongbao (Red Packet)

Do we get

It depends totally on the company for whom you work. I don’t think buxiban teachers usually get hungbaos, but most others (?) do, although maybe less this year than usual (in my case at least).

“Because the economy is so bad so we can’t give so many hungbao. The boss would tell you this himself but he’s away with his family on a two-month company-paid `fact-finding’ mission to the U.S. and Europe.”

Yeah, riiiiight. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

There are 2 kinds. One looks like a salary statement and it isn’t red where I work. The other is a hongbao, but that’s symbolic only.

[quote=“ax”]Do we get

Oops, of course. :blush: I was confusing year-end bonus with hungbao. Ignore my earlier post.

Shouldn’t Segue’s married posters dole out hongbaos to those of us who are still single?

Hey there Omni, don’t go gettin’ greedy… I just gave you a little gift a few moments ago…