[quote]The Ministry of Transport and Communication has just announced that it is no longer compulsory to wear masks on the MRT or train network. This is in force with immediate effect. We understand that the authorities will also discuss later today whether to lift the compulsory quarantine that is currently in place for those who travel to Taiwan from Hong Kong. As soon as this is lifted, I will inform you of the change. The Dept of Health has still not lifted it’s advice recommending against routine visits to hospitals. As soon as this is also relaxed I will let you know


Yours aye

Alan Dillon
Head of British Assistance and Services Section
BTCO Taipei [/quote]

I don’t have to wash my hands anymore. What a relief.

Already I’ve seen someone just rinse his hands.

The restriction was lifted June 9, so it seems.

June 6, CNA
…Meanwhile the Mainland Affairs Council also announced the
relaxation of quarantine rules for people from mainland China and
Hong Kong.
Under the new measures, to be effective from June 9, arrivals
from the two areas will no longer be required to confine themselves
at their Taiwan abodes for 10 days.

What’s the world coming to when Her Majesty’s handservants show themselves to be barely literate. Didn’t get shown up like this when it was just the Eton chaps, what?

And what’s with “yours aye?”
Jings, crivvens and help ma boab! Its a braw bricht munelicht nicht the nicht, ochee ochaye! Pass the black bun an’ see’s a plate ay that shortie, Maw!

You too can work for the British Foreen Servus:

What can I do with the hundreds of masks I have accumulated in the past few months? Any ideas?

  1. Save them for the next epidemic
  2. Toss them all
  3. Keep them for a nifty Halloween costume

Use them for motorcycle riding. So long as the two-stroke bikes are around, it’s best to have a mask on when you’re stuck in traffic.

When I was new here in Taipei, I too used to wear a surgical mask during the winter while riding the Vespa for protection against the cold wind and the dust and crap in the air on the roads.
Of course, now I wouldn’t dream of wearing one ever, anywhere. I figured if you’re gonna go, you’re gonna go, so I took up smoking. :stuck_out_tongue:

wolf_reinhold I definitely agree with you.

Holy shit a necromancer!

Plus I thought guest posting was disabled.