Hope to gain some support on my new Music Video:)

Recently formed a duo acoustic band with my friend. We recently recorded two of the most popular songs in 2012! Skyfall and Call me Maybe! Hope you guys can support and will like it:)


Welcome engteck1987! And best of luck to your music.

Nice job with the music and video!

Some feedback:

  1. If you’re hoping to market it to an English audience, then you should add subtitles to your intro part. Or maybe include a translation in your video description.
  2. Perhaps you could split the two songs into separate videos? This way each video could target fans of that particular song.

Good luck!

You guys are very good. At your next gig why not get a professional video done? I’ve noticed such things are not too expensive in Taiwan, and it’ll look a lot better than just standing in a little concrete room. Appearances matter!