Hope you feel better soon!

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are down - maybe because it’s Christmas time and we’d like to be home with our families. Chin up! This too will pass.

Thinking of you… :wink:

It’s probably also Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), where discreased amount and duration of sunlight can cause or worsen depression. With the shorter days, and the often gloomy overcast weather that is common in Taiwan this time of year, it’s not surprising that it will cause people to feel down. Go out and enjoy bright sunny days like this one to avoid feeling SAD.

I went to the 101 mall today. Being away for Christmas for the first time in my life is weird to say the least, but when I got there and saw the huge x-mas tree and speakers blasting music I felt a tad bit better. What made me feel really good is their cheap snow making machine they have going over the entrance. Christmas without snow is just not Christmas for me.

i miss grandma’s ham. it’s got pineapples and cloves on top! and really good cornbread stuffing in the turkey. yeah we have turkey 3 times a year in louisiana, thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years!!

Ooohhhh. Louisiana food. I spent one Christmas at my brother’s house in Denver and he had a box of cajun food delivered from some fancy outfit in New Orleans. I forget all the great stuff we had, but I remember it included gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish and turducken, which was a turkey stuffed with a duck which was stuffed with a hen. Weird but good. There must be a lot of fat people in N.O., because the food sure is good.

Oh yea, the holiday season has definently gotten me down. I actually had a good laugh/cry over remembering how nice it used to be for to go christmas shopping and being asked what I would like to have for christmas. Yes, it’s nice to spend it with your family, etc. And the seasons changing does make a difference,. I guess it’s time to cook up some things to bring holiday cheer to me… :bravo: :bravo:

we should have a Christmas party.

mother theresa,
new orleans is officially the fattest city in america!!! the most obese city! right now a lot of chefs are trying to cut down on that and make cajun food lighter. tough order, but chef paul prudoin lost like a 100 pounds so i guess he did it.

We just did. Thursday night. I got home at 7:30 am and spent most of the day in bed with a hangover. I felt depressed at wasting my life, which I do after every time I go out and ‘have a good time’ to excess. Feeling awake and healthy in the sunshine on Saturday was much more pleasant.

Something to do. Progress. Activity. These all help, but there’s not much beats a blowjob for really putting a smile on your face. Fingers crossed. 'Tis the season for giving, after all.

Might also be the flu. Takes about a week to get through.

Hey strag! You can give me a blow job if you want. Anyway, what with all the scheduled depression and all of Christmas I went ahead and arranged a trip to a coral atoll in the Sulawesi Sea. Funny I hardly miss snow at all… well, maybe a little, but not bloody much muwhahahaha!

[quote=“Pixie”]I’ve noticed that a lot of people are down - maybe because it’s Christmas time and we’d like to be home with our families. Chin up! This too will pass.

Thinking of you… :wink:[/quote]
You know there is this really weird train of thought that believes ‘your perception is your reality’ so if you believe you are down because of the holidays then you will be down. Personally, I don’t feel any different. I move to Taiwan and I knew that moving to the other side of the planet would (now imagine this!) separate me from my family…
Anyway, I can cook and granted it might be hard to find some things here…but so far I can enjoy a decent ham, pinto beans, cabbage…and I can even fry a pretty good hoe cake. So the only thing missing is me figuring out where to buy the cornbread…any help there?..Stove top of course since I don’t live in Lotus Hill with a nice oven…actually all I need is the cornmeal…:slight_smile:
have a great holidays…
and remember…we are here because we want to be…
(yes, the christmas cards are addressed and will go out next week…sorry bob…I don’t have your address…) :wink:

Of course, it’s the missing families thing at Christmas!

But think of the other things you don’t have to put up with to enjoy it. Going ‘home’ at the time when the transport is most crowded and expensive and everything is closed, so that little of use can be accomplished there once you arrive. And living in someone else’s home (albeit the home of a beloved family member). It can have it’s stresses too!

I’m leaving on Thursday for my first Christmas out of Taiwan in four years. While I’m really looking to seeing my family, I could live without everything else.

Seeing family is great, of course. The Christmas season, however. sucks. Commercialism, over-crowded transportation, crappy weather, commercialism, and more commercialism.

I miss my family all the time, not just ‘during the holidays’. I’m always thankful I’m NOT at home during Christmas, just as my wife is always happy when she can spend Chinese New Year OUT of Taiwan.

Holidays are baloney. Sorry to bust your bubble (to those of you feeling sorry for yourselves because you can’t be home by the fire with the family on Christmas Eve like Little Tim or Tammy). Your depression is due to some latent childhood memory activated by the lack of anticipated pre-recorded holiday stimuli.

We should value every day as if it’s our last, or first, or Christmas, if you prefer.

You know almost everything about life, don’t you :wink: