Hopi Prophecy

Anyone know anything about Hopi (Native American tribe) prophecy? The Hopi legends were showcased on “Ancient Aliens” before. I thought this was pretty interesting. It was filmed sometime around the mid-1980s. There’s 5 parts but part 2 and 3 appear to be the same:

[quote=“Myths and Facts Book”]Hopi prophecy speaks of great destruction and the end of the fourth
world. While multiple signs indicated by the prophecy appeared many years ago,
perhaps we still await the ninth and last sign, a blue star. Apart from “soon”, no
date is provided (and many believed that the comet Holmes 17P was it), and the
Hopi certainly did not have a calendar that ends in 2012.[/quote]

So Mayan prophecies are confirmed by Hopi ones. This is science! I guess this means the world is pretty definitely ending in 2012. Or else there’ll be some kind of rise in spiritual consciousness. Or something.

Sure hope 2012 isn’t the flop that 1998, 1999, and 2000 were for Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Y2K people (respectively). Not to mention the End Times Christians…

Meanwhile, I predict that in July of 2013, Croatia will join the European Union. Mark your calendars!

The title of the video is misleading. The Hopi didn’t predict destruction in 2012. I just think some of Hopi legend and prophecy is thought provoking is all.

And I was just thinking what would be the next hot thing. We had the Millenium, we had 2012… what’s next? Hopi. :noway:

You see, THAT’S why they call them the Hopi. If the world were really ending, then they’d be called the Despairi.

Haha. +1 to that.

reminds me of the Fugawi