Hoping for a stroke of luck (Brit trying to stay in Taiwan)

visa runs since last year
no degree
no wife
visa free entry on march 8th 2020

what options are there for me to stay in taiwan?

What are your skills? Have you been working in Taiwan? If so, doing what?

mid level blockchain programming. near native level mandarin.

no documentary evidence to back it up though.

i was born here (i know this is meaningless)

I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but with your programming background couldn’t you do an online computing degree? One of my colleagues who works in IT is doing the Open University computing degree just to get the qualification and he told me it’s laughably easy for someone with halfway-decent IT skills until the final year. The first year was so easy for him that he did it full-time while working full-time.

is it possible to do this degree in about 5 weeks?

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It will be a long-term slog. As I’m sure you already know, there is no quick-fix for this. Taiwan isn’t a welcoming country for skilled foreigners without a degree. Sorry, man… :frowning:

i also read somewhere that the degree needs to be from a physical university and a correspondence course would not count towards an arc.

is it possible to renounce my british citizenship and claim asylum?

First I’ve heard of that. I’m not sure that’s accurate, but maybe somebody else can confirm? The Open University is a highly regarded institution.

one thing im not ever doing is returning to the uk. i have a huge problem with that country. what are the options for cancelling uk citizenship.

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Fellow UKer here, so I know exactly how you feel. Don’t know anything about cancelling your citizenship, but I’d be curious about what you find out!


well, you can apply to renounce citizenship on the gov.uk website but it seems to need a visit to some office.

i want to just be allowed to subsist here in taiwan in peace. if im forced to go to the uk it wont end well. im starting to hate this :crazy_face:ing virus. and most of all i hate england.



Sorry, I’m only laughing because I relate so much!

:thinking: isn’t there a law that if you are stateless and born in Taiwan, you get ROC citizenship? I think this only applies to those who are stateless at birth, though.
In any case, the UK government will not accept your citizenship renunciation application unless you can prove that you have or are in the process of getting another citizenship.
It would seem your only hope in the short term is to find someone willing to enter into a marriage of :speak_no_evil:.


yeah its funny i suppose. all there is in england for me is a woman and a system that wont let me see my son. if this virus forces me to go back to that environment the only thing arriving at gatwick will be my cold corpse in the airplane bathroom.

How are you supporting yourself in Taiwan at the moment?

trading crypto

As far as I’m aware, there is no limit to the amount of times you can extend your visitor visa and they usually don’t ask questions. As long as you can sustain yourself, you could keep doing that while doing an online degree so you can be more stable in three years.

Looks like the max is 180 days:

And no way can he keep renewing a visitor visa for three years.
OP, I’d advise looking into a third country to ride out this pandemic in.
Usual policy for overstayers is pay a fine and lose your visa waiver privlege for a certain length of time, thus needing to apply for a tourist visa in advance before every time you enter Taiwan.

Barbados has introduced a new 12-month visa for remote workers/digital nomads such as yourself:

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Marriage or study or investment or business?
Stateless is not the same with asylum.