Hoping for Hoping concert last week in Tao Yuan


I want to share some of the impressions from last weeks concert in the jungle. If you recognize yourself I hope you are flattered :slight_smile: If I didn’t catch you and you think you should be captured for eternity, contact me … If you just want to tell me what you think about the images, go right ahead …


And here are the impressions from a week before in Taichong:


Take care,


We tried so hard to find that party this last weekend :slight_smile:
Some suggestions:

  1. dont use white signs, hard to spot when the sky is white and impossible when it starts getting dark
    2 make them bigger, we drove around for an hour before we saw the first one!
  2. have the signs so that one can see them coming from both directions
    Hope you all had fun. We found a very nice outdoor cafe and had a nice meal…
    catch you next time