Hoping to adopt a puppy in June

Does anyone know any shelters with websites online where I can see puppies and young dogs that need to be rescued? I would prefer to rescue than just adopt, but only if they are still quite young… I’d like to be able to have some part in raising the dog and be able to train it myself rather than hope it comes pretrained. Besides, we all know it’s rewarding to raise pups.

Check out this thread:

You can also contact the posters stray dog, or bobepine.

If you’re sure you want one, we’d be happy to hold one of ours :slight_smile:

We have puppies and are able to deliver them to anywhere on this island. On weekends I always hug with 3 month or so black puppy (female), another brown female (both mixed dogs, they are the healthiest) and we have a Labrador puppy.

The Lab is with a member somewhere down South, the mixed ones are round Taipei. But as I said, we deliver to anywhere.


But we didn’t update the dog pics for a while.
And usually don’t put puppies on the page anyway.

Not sure if we already talking, because a lady has just contacted us who searches a puppy…

[EDIT: to clear that up, poster “Stray Dog” is not from us, he is from Animals Taiwan. Still a nice guy :smiley: ]

taiwan@stray-dogs.org Say you are from that 'mosa thread