Hoppy, er, Happy Australia Day!

Ah, that was nice. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Hoppy indeed.

As Kath Day-Knight would say, “Look at moiye.”
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Ah, I’d love to be at the free Australian day breaky right now. Snags, dead horse and another Aussie flag to the collection.

Whilst I’m a cricket fan, and a fan of Steve Waugh’s, I can’t believe he’s Australian of the Year. Perhaps in 10 years time when he’s made a contribution beyond the sporting arena. There must be other great Australians besides sporting ones.

I see one of the other hot contenders was a person who had contributed to the crackdown on child sex abuse. I mean good for them, but what kind of an image does that send to the world. Australian of the Year for Contribution to Child Sex Abuse.Where do they get their ideas from?

Surely there must be better endeavours- what about Peter Carey he probably deserves it for penning his novel about Ned Kelly.

Really??? :shock: Just kidding (check the flag) but one could be forgiven for thinking that sometimes… I mean, doctors, scientists, humanitarians, pah! Actors, singers and sportspeople - they sell papers and photograph well. Oh dear, I seem to have imported my cynicism… :smiley:

Actually Crocodile Hunter was the running favourite there for a while until everyone though he was being a dickhead.

I think the selection of Steve Waugh is fine, I can recall several times when he’s hauled our asses from the brink, and who could forget his famous jaunt to Herschelle Gibbs “you just dropped the World Cup, mate” was worth Australian of the year there and then. It’s been quite a few years since a cricketer won it. I think it was Tubby Taylor in 1999 and before him way back in 1989 it was AB. Anyway, a deserving winner.

I thought the selection of Steve Waugh was a good one because of his work with orphans in Kolkata. Any Aussie who helps others would be a worthy winner, in my book. But someone using his fame and fortune to help really needy others in another country not only does himself proud but also his country.

Top bloke, deserved winner.


Since the Australian of the Year has been awarded sporting heros have won 33% of all the awards. Compare this with 8% for aboriginal affairs, 8% for medicine, 11% for anything related to the arts-dancing, singing even Paul Hogan, 6% for science.

Personally, I have nothing against Steve Waugh’s selection in isolation, but in the broader context it certainly shows a lack of imagination on the part of the selectors of these awards.

Reading through the Australian of The Year homepage they listed all the winners with bio’s. Allan Bond won in 1978 his bio is blank and his bank account overflowing.