Horrible gas mileage

I fill my scooter up to full and within driving a mere 20 kilometers, the needle goes down to empty. It’s a 125cc and I use 92 gas. It fills up to 5 gallons. What is wrong with my scooter?!

Nowt probably. You could get your fuel gauge fixed, though, for a few bucks.

If the scooter only trakes 20-30NT to fill up, it’s the gauge as mentioned by sandman. If the scooter takes 100NT every 20km, then you have a serious leak. If so, you want to get that fixed NOW. Major hazard.


No, about 130 NT to fill it up.

How do you say “fuel leak” in Chinese?

[quote=“Quentin”]No, about 130NT to fill it up. [/quote] It’s surprising that you don’t see any spills. That’s a LOT of fuel going missing… Is the scooter running as usual?


A LOT of fuel! Like, about 80 percent of it is getting pissed out onto the ground! Hell, it must be going out almost as fast as its going in.

20km! Eh?

Is someone siphoning your fuel?

bike clock is reading wrong, chances are you doing 80kms but its reading 20kms…

I doubt that your scooter has a five gallon tank. That’s not to say that your mileage is good though.
If you can brim your tank and then use it all in only 20km, and if the engine maintains good power, then you most likely have a leak.
I believe you should be suffering great loss of power if your engine was actually using all of that fuel.

No, the fuel gauge isn’t wrong. I only drive it around town and have to fill it up every two or three days. Also, I don’t see any spills.

Perhaps you could give us some specifics to help us try to diagnose your fault.
you should give us:

Manufacturer and model of bike.
Total fuel consumption based on km covered and litres of fuel used. Brim it, ride it, brim it again and take note of mileage covered between fills.
A clue as to your average riding style and speed.
Average terrain, loaded weight etc may be of interest.