Horse of the day


Didn’t know about this. He was a great one

Parked out uncovered the last half mile on the small track in the wet and wind, dead game.



We can see why zebras were never domesticated


Wow, that’s in New Orleans. It’s not the oldest, but it’s pretty old. (I don’t know anything about horses or horse racing; I just got curious and looked it up.)




Extinct members of the family:


Horse story of the day



World record holding trotter Sebastian K. Check at how unhappy this horse is to have to sit second in the backstretch and his smooooth rock-solid gait as he powers through the stretch. That is a thing of beauty





I just don’t know :open_mouth:


“There where the course is. . . .”




When i was a little boy this was on TV. Rocking tune and lyrics …if you can suffer it for long enough , notive the exceptional quality of dubbing into English. Oh what fun we had watching this.

More quality Horses…Hmmm pretty awful decades later.



Funny… started watching and “a horse is a horse of course of course” came right to mind. Can’t have seen that in 30 years at least. The connection of music to memory is pretty amazing.


Yeah. I never even watched the show, but that song is seared into my memory all the same. I have no explanation.