Horse of the day


You had to watch that bit before you changed the channel.


I’m thinking it’s probably from references to Mr. Ed in other shows, programs, movies. It seems to have been a hugely popular show at the time.


It was a simpler time.


I have trouble watching TV shows from the '50s, but there was lots of good movies and fiction.


Hallmark TV show in the 1950s (in the US) was Sid Caesar’s Your Show of Shows, which ended in 1954. Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris (with Neil Simon and Mel Brooks, among others, as writers).

Back in that day, only viewers on the East Coast saw YSOS live. Every other viewer west saw only kinescopes (so in LA they saw only a television camera pointed at a television monitor displaying an E Coast version - a recording of a recording). In 1973 Ten From Your Show of Shows was released. In the late 1980s and the early 1990s it was shown on HBO (where I first saw it). Total revelation, total genius. I’ll never forget seeing Ten.

Your Show of Shows ran for 5 years. Five years of 39 live episodes per year, and as they say nobody ever needed anything from Sid Caesar ever again (famously led to amphetamine addiction by Sid Caesar). Again live tv, 39 90-minute eps per year. Amazing. But what television that was.

Famous example:


This is the kind of horse series I watched when kid…


Thought it might be this


Kiwi champion Lazarus kicked off a run of races in the US gamely