Horseback Riding in Taiwan

A family friend recently got me into Horseback Riding courses in Taichung. I’ve started to set up a Squidoo lens to post information about various clubs ( I need to call them to complete filling out the info, but its a start. I’d be interested in other folks experiences at various Horseback Riding Clubs in Taiwan, esp. those in/near Taipei and any in the the Shouth or East of the island.

If like me you are an avid horseback rider, Taiwan is not your heaven!
There is a place in Beito, but you can only ride around a circle, no fun.
The people there are so scared that something happens to you that’s it’s not even funny.
The only place I heard of where you can actually ride your horse outside on a pathway or something is Kending, I haven’t checked it out yet, but it’s worth trying.

I’ve heard that the Beach Country Riding Club ( in Danshui allows advanced riders to ride on the beach. I’m not sure how they determine who is advanced enough.

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