Does anyone see horseradish in supermarket or any other places?
Horseradish root will be the best but if there are any canned paste or any other sauce or spice with horseradish?

Not really. I’d be surprised if Jason’s etc didn’t have any though.

I had some excellent horseradish sauce at the buffet at the Sherwood Hotel, so at least I know it’s available somewhere in Taipei. I wonder who their supplier is.

Ah horseradish, I sold millions of USD of the stuff every year (long story). if you be looking for horseradish Brazil, the US, China and South Africa are the places to be :slight_smile:, it has a rather particular climate requirement for growing.

as for the sauce, no idea!

Willy’s deli in Tianmu usually has it.

I know I’ve seen the root for sale … Jason’s in 101, maybe. Most likely in the Breeze Super, a few blocks north of Zhongxiao Fuxing Station; I know I’ve bought jarred horseradish in Breeze. The root may be one of those things that only shows up occasionally.

Jarred horseradish is basically always available at Willy’s Deli; Wellman’s Market probably has some as well. Check both the shelves and the refrigerators; if I recall correctly, Wellman’s sells jarred sauce that needs to be refrigerated (and is therefore probably better), whereas Breeze only sold refrigerate-after-opening varieties.

I also see P & P Food and Spices has horseradish in their catalogue, but I’ve never bought it there.

Just an fyi, I could not find horseradish sauce at the Breeze near Zhongxiao Fuxing. But you’re all set if you need fifteen different kinds of mustard and tapenade. And pesto. Jesus, they have so much pesto…

Anhe Jason’s has a few bottles for 135.

That Ikea horseradish sauce is mighty tasty.