Hospital charges foreigners 30% more than Taiwan citizens

at NTUH Taipei hospital today I was asked invoiced to pay NT40 for a regular blood test report. Arriving at the desk for payment, the computer printed NT$42. The desk lady said they could not do anything and I had to pay to get my report.

When asking the department that provided the invoice, I was told that NTUH now charges different fees for foreigners and citizens, no matter foreigner are covered by health insurance or not. After inquiring the management, they informed they are aware of this case and already received more complaints.

The reason is that the government had made requests since last year to up-charge foreigners and it is up to each hospital themselves to find a way to implements it.

Three month ago I payed NT$40, Today NT$52 with the only apparent reason for being a foreigner. It’s not a big amount of money, the it’s about the principle that this is deeply wrong.

What will happen when this goes on, sooner or later foreigner need to pay much larger amounts for the same service even paying the same health insurance (or maybe in the future more?)

Perhaps Taiwan is implementing more new laws and regulations that discriminates between citizens and foreigner. So please be aware what you pay and check if Taiwanese pay less and try to avoid such up-charges.


Do you have a health card?

Can you go to another hospital? Price checkem?

correction: NT52 for me. NT$40 for citizens. (+30%)

Yes, NTUH said the new regulation makes no distinction between foreigners with and without a health insurance card. NTUH had been fighting this new rule but apparently they still need to follow it.

Are you able to provide any proof or documentation of this? I certainly agree if this is true that it is an outrage. But I can’t send this kind of stuff to parliament if I don’t have any proof. If these are sensitive, you may feel free to PM me and we can find a way to help protect your information.

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Maybe with foreigners it’s harder to find a vein…

Wow, NT$12
Definitely put in a call to Amnesty International.

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I don’t have any recording of the conversation. Should have recorded it. I may have the (many) bills of the same test previously of NT$40 and this one of NT$52. I am trying to find ways via NHI and NTUH and other channels to find explanations and responses and any formal documents or announcements. My friends tried to search the internet but could not find any of such announcements from the government.

I understand the frustration coming from OP. The amount is ridiculous, a can of coke maybe. But if you are undergoing a big surgery or specific diseases treatment which have to be co-payed than 30% is going to be painful. In any case, this should not happen do NHI holders. They might want to increase their charges for non NHI holders tourist visitors, however it is unacceptable for foreign residents. I hope this was just a mistake maybe the hospital and does not become a rule.


I get your point, but it can be viewed in a few different ways.

$12 over $40 is a 30% difference. I can’t imagine paying 30% more on a $3000 endoscopy.


Yeah, but nobody has been charged 30% extra on an endoscopy, have they?
Nobody has provided the poster with any kind of official policy statement, so far it just sounds like some rando lab tech or clerk has been the source.

Which leaves it open for about 50 kinds of bullshittery

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Doubt there is misunderstanding in this case. I was accompanied by a Taiwan national. NTUH help desk stated that this "applied to all foreigners no matter with our without health insurance and to all hospitals per NTUH management information. NTUH is the largest hospital in Taipei.

Do you have the receipts for this exam ? The one from one month ago and the current one? It might be worth to have a National take the same exam and see what the price in the receipt comes up to. With these 3 pieces of paper that’s more solid to compare and they wouldn’t be able to refute .

Very slippery slope my friend. Thin edge of the wedge.


Your think they won’t as a next step ?

Thanks, I understand how to make the case, but missing is the bill for a nationals. As far as I know, NT$40 is the standard charge for a printout with the result of a blood check at NTUH. As such it should not be difficult to find one, but not many people may want to keep or have interest in such record, but I do. As stated the paper the invoice was marked $40 since it’s standard but the actual computer bill charged NT$52. Once again, its not about the amount but the principle and the fear this will become systemic in Taiwan to treat (insured) foreigners different than citizens. Not only this NT$40 but for more costly health issues.


If they do, then that will be that.
So far it’s NT$12 at one hospital.

It’s a very worrisome trend (if confirmed) especially as it is NTUH.

Except it isn’t a trend, it’s an isolated anecdotal occurrence.

That “one price for foreigners” shit has never been much of a deal here.

Can you say that 100% for a fact?

$12 more is absolutely little extra.
$12 more is relatively a lot extra.

Both of these are true.