Hospital not filing claim - whadaya do?

so, a hospital i stayed at in taiwan a couple of years ago never filed the claim form that my insurance company faxed them. i don’t know what to do. should i mail the hospital a letter or just let it go? my insurance company informed me that they spoke “on numerous occasions” and “sent a faxed claim form but never received anything back”. in short, they closed the file without telling me, letting me believe that everything had gone fine. they seemed quite happy to dismiss it.

why would a hospital not file out and send in a claim form?

i don’t know what to do and i’m worried about travelling to taiwan again. the last thing i need is to thrown in jail the second i get off the plane.


why should you get thrown in jail if your hospital didn’t fill out a claim form? doesn’t make much sense to me. got there. make them fill it out, send it to your insurance and make them pay…otherwise sue them. what are insurances for?

When you get to Taiwan . . . . .

Perhaps you should go with a friend to the offices of the Bureau of National Health Insurance, and discuss this problem with them.