Hospital suggestion for health check


I want to apply for spouse based ARC and therefore I need to get the health check done. Does anyone has a suggestion which hospital is good and has the fastest processing time?

Thank you!

Im not sure where you are but i went to Taoyuan General Hospital for mine it cost NT 1260 which is cheaper than other figures ive seen on here. I got mine back about a week later. This was in November last year by the way.

About a week means more than 7 days or less? :slight_smile:

Banciao, Far Eastern hospital right outside the MRT station with the same name … blue line

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It was either 7 or 8 days i cant quite remember certainly no less than that. They give you a pick up date while you are there.

In Taipei: Renai Hospital.

Firmly agree. These folks have there act together. 8 days.